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Advising Interns

No description

Shannon Puckett

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Advising Interns

Advising, Mentoring, Observing, and Evaluating
SAU MAT Program

Advising Interns in the MAT Program
Mentoring Interns in the MAT Program
Communicate clearly in both written & oral formats
Be available via email, text, or phone when needed
Take a honest, holistic, & non-biased approach to guiding Interns
Provide a sympathetic ear when needed
Provide honest, well thought-out advice
Model & expect professionalism throughout the entire Internship experience
Draw from Mentor's experience & knowledge of education in aiding & solving problems
Be able to direct Interns to resources to aid in their practices
Familiarize Interns with criteria & domains of the TESS Evaluation Model
Observing Interns in the MAT Program
Be prompt when arriving to observe & providing feedback
Enter the Observation session in a positive frame of mind
Observe holistically & be aware of biases when recording evidence
Make use of video technology in order to find all evidence supporting criteria to be assessed
Thoroughly review Video Submissions in order to record the most accurate data
Quote Interns whenever possible when recording evidence
Observe using the TESS Model or a similar instrument to guide recording of accurate data & to prepare Interns for real-world experiences
Possess the skills to
to questions about teaching practices & experiences
Be capable of implementing
of their practices in a manner that allows adjustments to student needs, identifying practice areas needing growth, & the setting of professional goals
Have established
relationships with colleagues
K. Shannon Puckett
Born in Southwestern VA in Appalachian Mountains
Undergrad at Eastern Kentucky University with B.A. in Art (Education) PK-12
Graduate School at SAU with M.Ed. in Secondary Curriculum & Instruction
First teaching position in an urban setting outside Louisville, KY
Currently work in Fouke School District- 2005 FSD Teacher of the Year
15 years as a Visual Art Teacher in grades 6-12
Experience as a Varsity Volleyball Coach, Career Orientation Teacher, Curriculum Coach, ALE Instructor, Web Administrator, Pathwise Mentor
May '14-July '14 will represent Southwestern AR on ADE's Fine Arts Committee to rewrite standards embedding CCSS & to implement new National Fine Arts Standards
National Board of Professional Teaching Standards certified in Early Adolescent Through Young Adult Visual Art (ages 11-19)
Experience Assessing & Training Assessors for NBPTS & Pearson Testing Services
Through my teaching & mentoring experiences, I've realized my
is in helping prepare new teachers.
Evaluating Interns in the MAT Program
Acknowledge that evidence speaks for itself & will not be influenced by outside factors
Analyze evidence & assign scores in a holistic & non-biased manner
Make certain the results reflect the observed evidence
Examine data carefully & thoughtfully before reporting results
After the Evaluator has analyzed evidence, it's time to provide feedback to the Intern:
Promptly provide feedback
Use sensitivity & compassion when reporting & explaining scores
Communicate scores clearly & thoroughly
Identify areas of strength
Identify areas where evidence was missing or weak
Communicate clearly how to address areas needing growth
Interns should expect their Advisor to:
Be available & provide time for the Intern when guidance is needed
Promote trust & encouragement
Be knowledgeable of AR Teacher Licensure & SAU MAT Program requirements when giving advice
Treat the Intern with respect & honesty
Take a sincere interest in the Intern's concerns
Keep in mind the importance of the Intern's professional future
Aid in decision-making & goal-setting
Be knowledgeable of resources that will aid Interns in planning & decision-making
Communicate clearly & tactfully when giving sensitive advice to the Intern
Interns should expect their Mentors to:
Interns should expect their Observers to:
Interns should expect their Evaluators to:
By the end of their experience, Interns should:
My experiences as a classroom teacher & Pathwise Mentor precipitate my views on Advising & Mentoring
My experiences as a NBPTS Assessor & Trainer greatly impact my views on Observing & Evaluating
NBPTS' Core Propositions are at the heart of my views of the teaching profession:
Proposition 1: Teachers are committed to students and their learning.
Proposition 2: Teachers know the subjects they teach and how to teach those subjects to students.
Proposition 3: Teachers are responsible for managing and monitoring student learning.
Proposition 4: Teachers think systematically about their practice and learn from experience.
Proposition 5: Teachers are members of learning communities.
Approach to Advising, Mentoring, Observing, & Evaluating Interns should be Intern/Student-Centered
MAT Interns have not had as many education courses as typical Novice Teachers, so we need to use flexibility according to the unique situation of each Intern
Influences & Educational Considerations
Frame of mind while preparing for this presentation:

Acknowledge that evidence speaks for itself & will not be influenced by outside factors
Guide Interns in learning about their students' needs
Suggest & model teaching strategies supporting student-centered learning
Aid Interns in identifying goals & areas of improvement
Model how a professional designs a plan of action to attain those goals & address identified areas of improvement
Assist Interns in writing a Professional Growth Plan
Help Interns recognize Teacher Leaders within their schools in order to collaborate
Model how Interns should use evaluations to improve their practices
Mentoring Interns
Interns should expect their Mentors to:
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