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No description

Max Burns

on 8 June 2014

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Transcript of Landfill

Will the vibrations damage my house?
Will there be more accidents?
Will there be more noise?
Raley Valley Landfill site
What is Landfill?
Atmospheric emission and odor
Why do we need it?
What gases does landfill emit?

How can we prevent the emissions?
65% methane
35% carbon dioxide
a small amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and acid gases (1%)
Atmospheric Emissions
Aesthetics and Noise
Methane: nausea, vomiting, heandache and loss of coordination
Carbon dioxide: increase the depth and rate of inspiration, blood pressure and pulse
Acid gases (NO2, SO2, halides): irritant effects on airways, cause bronchoconstriction
Will it be noisy?
How can it be dealt with?
Still facing issues?
Around the site..
Save 30 - 50% energy
Reduce fuel costs by 87%
95% quieter
Electric Hybrid Waste Trucks
A public consultation from:

Proposed Raley Valley Landfill
Monday 17 March
To inform, to discuss, and to build a relationship of trust
The future...
Three Part Strategy
Sheppard's Sporran
Brazen Ragwort
Site Flora
Is recycling a viable option?
What are our aims?
(Jacobaea vulgaris)
Materials Reclamation Facility - £10 million construction cost
(Capsella bursa-pastoris)
What can you do to help?
What alternatives are there?
What is it?
What effects could it have?
How is this going to be prevented?
How is it going to be monitored?
Site Flora
Sheppard's Sporran
Brazen Ragwort
(Jacobaea vulgaris)
(Capsella bursa-pastoris)
Holm Oak
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