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TOK Presentation

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Katie Halpern

on 22 May 2012

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Transcript of TOK Presentation

The messages of the media
are diffused throughout the country, even the world. Continuation could mean a stagnation of progress
Other issues: Is society more influenced by the media, or is the media more influenced by societal changes? To what extent are generalizations acceptable means of communicating an idea?
Personal-> not right (ex. racism)
Different perspectives-> more justifiable
Implications To what extent is sexism in modern American advertisements justifiable? Is it justifiable at all?
How does this issue relate to us?
Consider modern American standards and ideals versus those of the 1950s. What is the Issue and How Can It Be Addressed? All Detergent Commercial- 2008 Sexism in the Media:
Have Times Really
Changed? By: Katie Halpern All Detergent Commercial- 1958 Knower's Perspective Biggest culprits: emotion and
Logic and Reason: not only "mothers" wash clothes
Influential message
Outdated archetypes
Not justifiable

Counterclaims Viewpoint of Ad agency
30 seconds to make people want their product
Appealing to emotion takes less time
Utilitarian approach: benefits outweigh costs (ethics)
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