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Of Plymouth Plantation

No description

Lauren Rapp

on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of Of Plymouth Plantation

Of Plymouth Plantation
Written By: William Bradford

A Historical Nonfiction

Group: Colby Campbell, Patrick Bush, Kyle McNutt, Tyler Reedy, Connor O'Rear, Lauren Rapp
Author's Background
Of Plymouth Plantation Summary
Literary Elements
Personification: With which the ship was shrewdly shaken, and her upper works made very leaky.

Allusion: So they committed themselves to the will of God, and resolved to proceed

Simile: But we let one another lie and die like dogs
Born in Yorkshire, England
Merged with Separatist congregation
Witthdrew himself (moved to Leiden)
Separatist moved to the Americas
Paid for by John Carver
Didn't land where expected, instead landed in Cape Cod on Nov. 11th 1620
Disembarked nearby at Plymouth

• In Chapter 9: We learn about their seemingly impossible journey to Cape Cod, and then their godsend of perfect sailing weather after their storm passes. The audience then begins to be told how worn down and lonely the settlers are.
• In Chapter 11: The reader is told over half or more of the company is now dead and they’re in the brute of winter’s force.
• Chapter 12 & Indian Relations: The surviving company had made allies of the Natives living there, and celebrated the survival of the colony

This aspect of critical thinking is used by truly figuring out what the settlers felt on their journey to the future America and their time at the settlement.

Taken from Chapter 11 from the book titled “The Starving Time” we learn that the people went through the obvious starvation and heavy illness. This is comparable (although greatly worse) to The Great Depression which occurred in the 1930’s.

As most of the selection tends to go on for quite a time on a single subject, the reader would need to summarize critical plot points (important historical events) and explain them.
Critical Thinking
Of Plymouth Plantation is a story about the Pilgrims and how they find their way to Plymouth Rock.
In the beginning, they wanted to find a place along the Hudson River for habitation, but dangerous conditions changed their route to Cape Cod.
As the days went on, the people struggled, and several died; of the 100 people that began the voyage , some 50 remained. They finally arrived in a place called Plymouth, Massachusetts.
What they did not know was that Native Americans already inhabited the area, but the Native Americans were very friendly and helped the Pilgrims. The Natives showed the Pilgrims a new way of life and how to survive.
Bradford's Leadership
He became the leader
His people arrived with little or no food and had barely any skills
The colony survived and grew
He was re-elected for 31 year term (1622-1656)
Writer's Purpose & Rhetorical Devices.
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