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Cary Academy Responsive Redesign

Making the case for a responsive web design.

Dean Sauls

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Cary Academy Responsive Redesign

The web has moved beyond the desktop, and it’s not turning back.
The total number of
people using the web on mobile devices is set to surpass desktops by 2015.
When a web site is designed to work on a majority of devices, including those that haven’t been invented yet.
re·spon·sive web de·sign
And the number of devices, platforms, and browsers that need to work with our site grows rapidly.
Why not use our existing mobile site?
Mobile websites often do not have the same look and feel as their desktop companion. They lack visual impact and branding
and are often an abbreviation of
the company's full website.
The layout and content adapt to the user’s environment, which includes their screen size, platform, and orientation.
Responsive design examples
For a Future-Friendly Web
Responsive Web Design
Brad Frost | A List Apart
Discusses the importance of making things “future-friendly” or ready for those things that don’t exist yet.
Responsive Web Design
Google Embraces Responsive Design, Recommends You Do
the Same.
Microsoft's site redesign will introduce
mainstream business to the responsive web.
Responsive Design is in line with the our forward thinking stance on technology and innovation. This new web site will provide easy accessibility of information to our students, families, prospective families and employees. This is vital in today's world.
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