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Kyle Grenell

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of CMNS3310

“Creativity itself is seemingly a mystery, for there is something paradoxical about it, something which makes it difficult to see how it is even possible. How it happens is indeed puzzling, but that it happens at all is deeply mysterious.” (Boden, 2004: 11)

“Creativity involves a multitude of definitions, conceptualizations, domains, disciplines that bear on it’s study, empirical methods, and levels of analysis, as well as research orientations that are both basic and applied- and applied in various contexts.” (Kozbelt, Beghetto & Runco 2010: 21)
Confluence Models
There has been a gradual shift in the research literature from individually focused approaches to confluence models of creativity.
Communication, Creativity & Cultural Production

Key terms
Individual approaches &
Confluence models
“The generation of products or ideas that are both novel and appropriate.” (p.570)

“A productive activity whereby objects, processes and ideas are generated from antecedent conditions through the agency of someone, whose knowledge to do so comes from somewhere and the resultant novel variation is seen as a valued addition to the store of knowledge in at east one social setting” (McIntyre, 2008: 1)
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