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Copy of BOgiveO Model

Take AACTION: Autism & its worldwide impact

Katie Hench

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of Copy of BOgiveO Model

Taking AACTION: Autism & Its Worldwide Impact
Today, 1 out of every 88 children in the United States ...
will be diagnosed with autism
Autism's impact knows no boundary of race, ethnicity, or
socioeconomic status
Who do you know that has been
affected by autism?
How can you help?
Autism impacts an individual's ability to communicate
& to lead an independent life
to engage in social interactions
to process information
A 501(c)3 organization dedicated to increasing autism awareness and resources worldwide
Our vision is that someday ALL individuals with autism - across the world - will be accepted and realize their full hope for the future
AACTION can provide YOU
a custom-designed, interactive training that covers
Autism Characteristics & Statistics
Current Research
Evidence-based Strategies
Tips for Better Customer Service
Q & A with the experts
Performance Analysis
Business/Organization Consultation
your business
your organization
your school
friends, family, the community
AACTION uses the proceeds to help fund a training for OTHERS around the world
as a 'buy one, give one' model,
Learn more about autism,
and help others learn more about autism.
for more information,
visit www.aactionautism.org
or email Katie at khench@aactionautism.org
Make a worldwide impact.
Global autism care is in crisis. Children with autism who are unidentifed, uneducated, and receiving no medical management stand little chance for growth and happiness. Their families are isolated from society and are desperately seeking help and support.
AACTION Programs
International Trainings
Local Trainings
Service Learning Project
International Trainings
Current focus on India & Nepal - upcoming trainings in Guyana, Nigeria, & Bangladesh
Local Trainings
Service Learning Project
Cultural and informational exchange between classes
How can you help AACTION?
Volunteer your time!
Donate your resources!
Connect AACTION!

Worldwide, there are estimated to be 78 million people living with autism - and that number keeps rising
In places like Delhi, India, there are estimated to be 100,000 schoolage children with autism...

however there are only a handful of schools who serve children with autism
In Nigeria, the Health Minister recently urged families to stop discriminating against their own children - practices of locking children away or abandoning them are "fuelled by the stigmatisation the families face in the communities"
Autism is a brain disorder - it affects both structure & function
Autism is 4-5 times more likely in boys than in girls
Autism is a genetic disorder, as evidenced in twins and siblings
We do not know what causes autism, but certain causes have been ruled out: parenting, vaccines

We know that early identification and intervention are keys to helping individuals lead independent lives
...but what about the millions worldwide who have autism but are not identified?
In many places across the globe, getting a diagnosis of autism is not even possible due to a lack of awareness and trained professionals.
Autism services are either nonexistent or just emerging in most developing countries.
Thirty years ago, only 1 in 10,000 children were thought to have autism
Autism: Core Characteristics
Autism: Associated Characteristics
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