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Low Relief Tiles

No description

Donna Collins

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Low Relief Tiles

Low Relief Tiles
Slab Building
You want to begin by wedging your clay to remove air bubbles. Pat out your clay to the size and shape you need. Next roll out the clay with a rolling pin to assure even thickness throughout. Be sure to roll in both directions to compress and align the clay particles.
Working with your Design
You will choose between a set of four round or square tiles. Once your sketches are drawn to size in washable marker, you will transfer the images to your wet slabs.
Carving the Clay
Once the slabs are cut to size and your design is transferred you can begin carving the design. Designs can be carved into wet clay but leather hard pieces are more precise.
Getting Started!
The most successful projects will be those which are PLANNED!!! You must have sketches and fully drawn designs to scale for all four tiles before touching your clay! Be Creative and utilize the entire tile. DO NOT leave more then 25% of the tile unused!
- Plan, Design, and Sketch a set of four tiles
- Create continuity through a theme or main idea
- Apply slab building techniques to roll out clay
- Transfer drawings to wet clay
- Carve patterns and designs into leather hard clay
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