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Is Mary Shelley`s Frankenstein a warning or an homage to mod

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Zoobo Mats

on 12 November 2016

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Transcript of Is Mary Shelley`s Frankenstein a warning or an homage to mod

Is Mary Shelley`s Frankenstein a warning or an homage to modern scientists?
Warning vs Homage
Warning -
A statement or event that warns of something or that serves as a cautionary example. (Oxford Dictionary)
The Modern Prometheus
Frankenstein's Influence
The Power of Science
* Combination of power, science and knowledge
* Victor's greed and passion
* Consequences

Modern scientific pursuits
By: Zoe Matsoukas
Homage -
Special honour or respect shown publicly. (Oxford Dictionary)
My opinion
The Modern Prometheus
Power of science
Modern scientific pursuits
Works Cited
Mary Shelley
* Born in 1797 in London, England
* Died in 1851 in London, England
* Father was a novelist and philosopher
* Mother was a well-known feminist writer
* Married Percy Shelley in 1817
* Received little to no education
* Experienced many deaths
* Frankenstein was published in 1818
Victor vs Prometheus
* Both sought intelligence and the advancement of mankind
* Both created life from lifeless matter
* Both challenged the Gods
* Both were punished
Cartoons and Comic Books




Thank you!
email: matzoe11@ecolecatholique.ca
Quote from the novel:
''But this discovery was so great and overwhelming that all the steps by which I had been progressively led to were obliterated, and I behold only the result.'' (Shelley, 37)
* Reconstructive Surgery
* Injury
* Death
Futuristic and Modern technology:
* Transplants
* Implants
* Genetic engineering
* Cloning
* Plastic Surgery
questions? email me!
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