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How waste water leaves a house through sewage

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tyler mcaree

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of How waste water leaves a house through sewage

first the raw sewage leaves your home or office via a toilet next the raw sewage is put through what is called a bar screen. the bar screen separates solid waste from waste water. next the waste water is put in a tank where it settles for hours so the solid waste particles can settle at the bottom. How does the municipality treat a continuous supply of raw sewage? later the waste water travels to another tank where oxygen is added so micro-organisms can grow and feed on other organisms which is diverted to another tank to settle again. after, waste water is moved to a tank where they add chlorine to disinfect the water and releases it into the great lakes of Ontario. However the solid waste particles from the primary and secondary treatment tanks are moved to a tank where they burn the waste for electricity or ship it away as manure. however there are some limitations to this proses for example the chemicals could be too expensive. or that the chemicals could cause bodily harm in the distant or near future if consumed to much or any at all. also pipes could burst or materials used could be damaged or rusted making it obsolete. THE END By:Tyler M.
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