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50 websites for teachers

No description

Kris Szajner

on 17 November 2013

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Transcript of 50 websites for teachers

50 Websites
Kris Szajner
1- Prezi
2012 UPDATE: If you have not made a Prezi in the last 6 months, it is time to give this amazing, free resource another look! The 3D backgrounds, improved design functions and ease of use make if better than ever!

2011 UPDATE: Prezi just keeps getting better and more perfect for classroom use. One year or so ago they did a MAJOR overhaul that made Prezi BETTER and MUCH EASIER to use. Prezi added FREE Edu account that let you and your students create private Prezi presentations. Now they have VASTLY improved the collaborative power of Prezi with Prezi Meeting.

With Prezi Meeting your students can collaborate in real time with kids across the classroom, across town, or across the globe to brainstorm and build a Prezi . Once they are ready, they can collaboratively present their project online - even if they are half a world apart. Very cool.
2- YouTube
Applicable to any classroom and any subject
Google reinvented the tools
Here is a list of the main features that Yacapaca offers to its users:
-It is free
-It is easy to use
-It is fast and secure
-It provides quizzes and surveys
-It lets you discover, modify and share assessments
-It lets you mark automatically
-It allows you to analyze using tools that will help you improve your teaching
5- Yacapaca
6- Panoramio
Google Earth with home shot images
Great way to see what is on the ground

Whats in Winona?
7- Daily Infographic
Data driven visual images
Inquiry starters
A new infographic is posted daily
13- Capzles
Timeline Creating Website
-Awesome for Social Studies!
-Great in non-fiction reading
14- Mentormob
Create learning play lists
-Use any web pages
-Use YouTube
15- Symbaloo
Home screen generator
-Saves bookmarks and adds mini logo
-Great for younger students

16- Kahoot
Game Based website
Create your own curriculum
Fun, Interactive, and new!
17- Padlet
Collaborative post-it board
Create private rooms
Inspire students creativity

8- Easel.ly
Create your own infographics
Many templates
3- TubeChop
Crop and YouTube video and share just what you like
Splice together videos with YouTube video editor
Make unique, content based videos for students
18- Dropbox
Connect home to work
Share files with co-workers instantly
Eliminate the use of USB drives
19- Dropitto.me
Safely receive students files on your dropbox
An online assignment box for students
Simple to link and free
20- FlipSnack
PDF to Flipbook
Create your own books online for FREE!
21- Stupeflix
Online Video Creator
Mix videos, music
Create awesome videos quickly!
22- FunnelBrain
Flashcard web tool
Create study teams/groups
Link students together for collaborative learning
23- Evernote
Easily save and tag documents
Organize into folders
Connect with iPevo!!
Create digital Student portfolios
24- eduClipper
Pinterest for educators
Great tool for collaboration
Social Networking
25- Twitter
Networking website
Easy to use
Minimal upkeep
Access to unlimited resources
26- Smore
Flyer Creating website
Easy and simple
Very student friendly!
27- Spicynodes
28- Educreations
Video lesson creating program
Online and for iPad, both free
Hosts great already made lesson
29- uQuery
iPad App search engine
Shows rating and reveiws for iPad apps
Provides a description and screenshots
30- Pixton
Make Comics with amazing customization options
Do everything but upload images = FREE
Awesome for creative writing!
31- Simple Surface
4- Safeshare
Lets you play all of your YouTube video's without the extras
No adds and no extra content that may be inappropriate
Simple copy and paste methods
9- Thinglink
The Sun http://goo.gl/1ZAzm
Changes an image into an interactive learning piece
10- Tagxedo
Upload you own frames
Better than Wordle
Great download options!
11- FlockDraw
Collaborative drawing tool
FREE for anyone
Inspiration makes itself!
12- line.do
Timeline creating website
vertical style of display
Tell the story of anything
Collaboration tool for students/teachers
Create visuals, maps...
Like Whiteboardr but BETTER!
32- Schoology
Fully Customizable
Easy and great looking!
Great Landing Pad for Students
33- Fotor
Photo editing webtool
Create collages, cards, or edit photos
Words on all platforms
Tons of features
34- Cel.ly
Mobile number based social network
Text out updates to parents, teachers
Simple and effective
35- Takemeback.to
Look at what happened in the past
Able to enter in any date
Must use in Social Studies
36- Creaza
Create comics, movies, audio, and projects
All available FREE
More options available with purchase
37- Testmoz
Create online tests quickly
Provides a link
Paste HTML content into test
All standard types of questions
Map to content
Timelines that engage students in maps
Thousands already done for viewing
39- Themeefy
Online magazine creating website
Students can collaborate for projects
40- Comic Master
Comic strip creating website
Fun and interactive
Great Hook and Free
41- Teachem
42- Vialogues
Combine video with questions
Simple and easy
Great review tool
43- Popplet
Awesome mapping tool
Come in iPad App form
Can be done at all ages
44- Studyladder
Geared for younger grades
FREE to teachers
One of the best tools
50- krisszajner
Tech Tips, Google Tips
Great free resources
Links to all presentations
45- How to Smile
Best Science and Math activities
Over 3,000 activities
All age ranges
46- Study Blue
Focus in on language
Great for learning new words
Super for all grades
for teachers
47- Kubbu
Free to teachers
Create games, crosswords, quizzes
Share them with your students
48- Coursera
Free online classes
Hosted my universities
Most classes are 15 min. long
49- Learnist
Pinterest for learners
Bookmark to do lists
Pull straight from the web
Mind mapping website!
Similar to Prezi
Great change up for mapping
38- MyHistro
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