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Stage Lighting Design

No description

Derek Green

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Stage Lighting Design

Stage Lighting Design
Learning Outcomes
On completion of the unit, a learner should:
Know lighting design practices
To be able to apply design skills in 2D and 3D forms
To be able to undertake the role of lighting designer during the preparatory and rehearsal phases
To be able to manage the plotting session, technical and dress rehearsals
It is important to remember that although Stage lighting may rely more heavily on technology, it is no less an art than are singing, acting and dancing.
The lighting designer- like the choreographer, director and actor - is an ARTIST.
A brief Introduction
In this lesson learners will address:
Lighting language
How did the lighting designer of War horse use the lighting to create a nostalgic, pre-war, pastoral North Devon.
How did this change in the war scenes?
The Role of the Lighting Designer?
To make the actors and their environments visible to the audience.
Create the appropriate mood
Indicate time of day and location
Shift emphasis from one stage area to another
Reinforce the style of the production
Make objects on stage appear flat or three
Blend the visual elements on stage into a unified whole

The LD needs to study the script, characters and themes of the play.
Designers and director share ideas about how light could be used to enhance the production concept.

Creating a lighting plan highlighting which lights are to be used and where each one will be located.
Lighting Designers attend all rehearsals
What do you think the lighting designer was trying to convey?

The main functions of a lighting designer
The concept of Lighting design and interpretation.
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