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Call Of Duty Ghost


Caeleb Cipra

on 9 November 2014

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Transcript of Call Of Duty Ghost

Muti. and Single Player
Call of Duty Ghost is a first person shooter game. In single player also know as the campain you are by yourelf and you go on a adventure to save the world as a boy with the help of his brother named Hash, the father, and his dog named Riley. And in multiplayer you play against real people around the USA and the world.
Guns and Weapons

Primary Weapon
Assault Rifles
Sub Machine Guns
Light Machine Guns
Marksman Rifles
Sniper Rifles
Riot Shield
Secondary Weapons
You can switch your camo on both single and muti. to your gun. The camos are red, green,crocodile, net, trail, gold, kiss of death, body count, caustic, and woodland.
Scorestreaks are special awards from killing a certain amount of people some give you vicious dogs some give you weapon crates (gives you a random weapon) and there is many many more.
Call Of Duty Ghost
Ghost Theme
Perks are thing you give yourself before the match. It could help you reload faster, give you two guns in one hand and many many more.
Some Achievements
You can get
Ghost Stories
Spatial Awareness
Brave New World
Liberty Wall
No Man's Land
Blimey O'Riley
Struck Down
Waste Not
Go Ugly Early

Prestiging is a thing you can do once you are at the max level you can keep one weapon that you had because you get certain guns when you are on certain levels. If you prestige you go from level 55 to level 1. You will get a little symbol on your gamertag sopeople do not think that this is your first time ever playing that game. You can prestige 10 times.
By :Caeleb Cipra and
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