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Texas Civil War Timeline.

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Jennifer McKeown

on 22 February 2016

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Transcript of Texas Civil War Timeline.

Texas Civil War Timeline.
Nov 6, 1860
Lincolns election
Feb 23, 1861
Texas secedes From the union
march 24, 1861
Houston kicked out of office
April 12, 1861
Battle at fort Sumter
This battle started the civil war. The southern states took control of the Charleston Harbor while Union men were stuck in Fort Sumter. The Union were short of men, food, and supplies in Fort Sumter. On April 12 the confederate states bombarded the fort from artillery batteries surrounding the harbor. After 34 hours the union solders evacuated. Their were no deaths
jan 1, 1863
battle of Galveston
july 1-3 1863
Battle of gettysburg
Texas was the seventh state that seceded from the Union. Then Texas then joined the Confederate States. This made the U.S. mad and influenced them more to fight for the states back.
Sam Houston was unwilling to pledge allegiance to the Confederate States of America. So they kicked him out of office. he did this because he new it was illegal to pledge against the U.S.. And that they were to most likely fight a war and he new the north would win and everyone who pledge to the Confederate States would be punished.
The Battle of Galveston was a land and
sea battle. Fall of 1863 Union soldiers sailed into Galveston Bay. With little defense the north took the bay over. On New Years Day 1863 the Confederate States entered the west end of Galveston Bay. The Confederate army had been outgunned and held down by Federal war ships.
And one out of the two ships the Texas fleet had was at the bottom of the bay. Then the Confederate ship came back around and fired again and hit their target. So the Federal ships sailed out to open sea.
The battle of Gettysburg was the most important engagement in the civil war. General E. Lee marched his army into Pennsylvania in late 1863. where 3,000 union soldiers where about to face 6,000 advancing confederate soldiers.
Abraham Lincoln won the 1860 elections as a republican. The southern states didn't like that he was elected and decided to secede form the U.S. which caused the civil war.
The Red River Campaign started when the agricultural south had fought long and hard against the industrial north. And the red river campaign was the last decisive Confederate victory of the war.
Sept 8, 1863
Battle of Sabine Pass

The battle of sabine pass. Was when one of several union attempted to invade and occupy part of Texas during the Civil War. And the second battle was when gunboats approached fort Griffin, they where attacked by six cannons.
The end of the civil war was when the commander of the confederate forces signed the surrender terms offered by the Union negotiators.
The Battle of Palmito Ranch was the last action of the civil war. but despite of that. commanding forces Theodore h. Barrett dispatched an expedition composed infantry men to attack reported rebels outposts and camps.
June 19, 1876
Is the celebration of the abolition of slavery in Texas. Was when Major General Gordon Granger landed in Galveston with news that the war was over and the enslaved were now free.
Jan 10, 1876
reconstruction ends
It ended when the north pulled their troops out of the south after the tried to reconstruct the south with slaves free.

March 10- May 22, 1864
The red river campaign
April 9, 1865
The civil war ends
May 13,1865
The battle of palmito ranch
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