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on 13 June 2014

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What is Life İnsurance

Life insurance is simply a form of insurance that pays monetary
benefits upon the death of the insured person in the policy. İt’s an
agreement between the insurance company and the insured
wherein the insurance company agrees to take premium from
insured as per the agreement and in return pay an agreed upon
sum of money to the beneficiary.

Types of Life İnsurances
Whole life insurance
Group/İndustrial Life İnsurance
İnvalidity insurance
Personal accident insurance
Health insurance
Special case insurance


Social İnsurance Private insurance
Loss insurance
Sea insurances
Land Vehicles insur
Personal İnsurance

Life İnsurance
Accident insurance

Group İnsurances;
designed for corporate customers and the target audience is corporate customers.
guarantees companies’ employees and their families and aims to protect their life standards

are supportive of social insurance
People are insured against the risks as a group.
The insurance premium payments can be made by the employer on behalf of the beneficiaries.
İn terms of the premiums, expenses and agent comissions, the costs are lower.
Whole life insurance
İn this type of life insurance, the insurer's obligation to pay compensation occured only on the death of the insured.

İnvalidity İnsurance
İn a crash situation included in insurance
policy, if the person is exposed to
permanent disability , the company pays
the compensation.
Personal Accident İnsurance

Provides assurance against sudden and unexpected accidents.
Compensation is paid at specific rates that are made in the policy in death, accident, health related cases.
Health İnsurance
İt covers the risk of disease of people.
İt is valid in the health care facilities contracted with the insurance companies.
İt may involve inpatient and outpatient treatment and is intended to cover the costs of treatment.

Special Case İnsurance
These insurances are not covered by the other insurances.
They are made for special cases depending on the wishes of the people.
They are made against the disease and accidents that are not included in policies.
The premium payments might be higher than the other insurances due to the rarity of the group of risk.
From İnsights, March 2014
Market statistics
As we look at the life insurance market at the bottom, GWP has stayed relatively stable compared to the previous year, 2011.
We see that the life market saw a significant decrease in premium production of 7% in the first quarter and 19% in the second quarter of 2012, but showed a recovery in production in the second half with a 14% increase in the third quarter and 28% increase in the fourth quarter.
Because of the increase in the second half of the year, the premium production in 2012 did not decrease overall.
Why do people insure their life?

Because insurance allows people;
to continue their life in the same way in case of any disability.
to leave a monetary asset to the relatives in case of death, and secure children to continue their educational life.
After an accident, which is covered by policy, ensures people to pay the generated high quantity treatment costs with lower premiums.
İt provides people financial support, in case of contract a serious illness when least expected.

The top 10 life insurance companies remained at the same ranks as at 2011. There has been a significant decrease in the market share of the market leader Ziraat Hayat ve Emeklilik from 30% to 21.8%; this is mainly due to the shrinkage in the credit portfolio of the bank.
Life Companies and Market shares
Dilşad Bektaş 27669

Definition of life insurances
Types of life insurance in Turkey
Why people insure themselves?
Market statistics
Life companies and market shares in Turkey
The sector’s total premium production in 2013 and its comparison to the previous year’s figures are shown in the below table;
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