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animal farm

presentation on animal farm

scott staver

on 28 May 2010

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Transcript of animal farm

Animal Farm Napoleon Emerges as a leader proves more treacherous than his counterpart, Snowball Snowball Challenges Napoleon for leadership of the farm wins the loyalty of the other animals on the farm Joesph Stalin Leon Trotsky inteligent passionate eloquent less subtle and devious than his counterpart uses military force (his nine loyal attack dogs) to intimidate the other animals and consolidate his power. Boxer The Cart horse incredibly strong Quick to help but rather slow-witted, dedication loyalty play a key role in the early prosperity of Animal Farm and the later completion of the windmill shows much devotion to Animal Farm’s ideals little ability to think about them independently naïvely trusts the pigs to make all his decisions for him two mottoes “I will work harder” “Napoleon is always right.” squealer spreads Napoleon’s propaganda among the other animals spreads false statistics pointing to the farm’s success abuses language to justify Napoleon’s actions and policies to the proletariat by whatever means seem necessary Mr.Jones Old Major Moses Mollie Benjamin The prize-winning boar teachs' the animals the song “Beasts of England leaves Snowball and Napoleon to struggle for control of his legacy vision of a socialist utopia serves as the inspiration for the Rebellion Long lived donkey Refused to feel inspiered By Rebellion Beleives life will remain unpleasent comprehends the changes that take place unwilling or unable to oppose the pigs. flighty mare who pulls Mr. Jones’s carriage craves the attention of human beings loves being groomed and pampered difficult time with her new life on animal farm misses wearing ribbons in her mane and eating sugar cubes The tame raven spreads stories of Sugarcandy Mountain Russian Orthodox Church Karl Marx Skeptical Russians and outsiders Offten drunk Runs Manor farm unkind master who indulges himself while his animals lack food Czar Nicholas II Bourgeoise Provda Dedicated, Tricked supporters Chapter I:
Mr. Jones overseer of the farm
Mr. Jones drinks heavily
Old Major gives a speech saying life of his fellow animals are miserable, laborious, and short
Major blames the animals' suffering solvely on their human oppressors
Old Major tells everyone about his dream he had where animals where free
Old Major urges the animals to do everything they can to make his dream come true
Old Major wants to overthrow the humans
Major quote was " Creatures with two legs are enimies, those with four legs or wings are allies.
Major teaches the animals the song " Beast of England." Chapter II:
Old Major Dies
Animals make preparation to carry out his dying wish of wrestting control of the farm from Mr. Jones
The work of teaching and organizing falls to the pigs
The pigs formulated the principales of animalism
The pigs answer any questions the animals have about the impending Rebellion
Snowball tells mollie that ribbons represent slavery
Pigs find out that Moses spread tales of a place called Sugar Mountain
Pigs work very hard to convince other animals that sugar mountain is a mith
Rebellion occurs much earlier that anyone expected
Mr. Jones whips the cows
The pigs say they tought themselves how to read
Snowball and Napoleon came up with the seven key commandments. Chapter III
Animals spend a laboring summer harvesting the feilds
clever pigs think of ways for the animals to use the humans’ tools,
Mollie and the cat shirk their duties
Boxer does most of the heavy labor
entire animal community reveres his dedication and strength
Benjamin, seems to recognize no change under the new leadership
Every Sunday, the animals hold a flag-raising ceremony
The morning rituals also include a democratic meeting, at which the animals debate and establish new policies for the collective good
Snowball and Napoleon always voice the loudest opinions, though their views always clash
Snowball establishes a number of committees with various goals
Most of these committees fail to accomplish their aims
By the end of the summer, all of the animals achieve some degree of literacy
The pigs become fluent in reading and writing, while some of the dogs are able to learn to read the Seven Commandments

Chapter IV:
news of Animal Farm has spread across half the county
Mr. Jones lives ignominiously in Willingdon, drinking and complaining about his misfortune
Mr. Pilkington and Mr. Frederick, who own the adjoining farms, fear that disenchantment will spread among their own animals.
animals everywhere begin singing “Beasts of England,” which they have learned from flocks of pigeons sent by Snowball, and many begin to behave rebelliously.
in early October, a flight of pigeons alerts Animal Farm that Mr. Jones has begun marching on the farm with some of Pilkington’s and Frederick’s men
prepares a defense and leads the animals in an ambush on the men. Boxer fights courageously, as does Snowball
and the humans suffer a quick defeat.
The animals’ losses amount only to a single sheep, whom they give a hero’s burial
The animals discover Mr. Jones’s gun where he dropped it in the mud
Chapter V:
Mollie becomes an increasing burden on Animal Farm
Eventually she disappears, lured away by a fat, red-faced man who stroked her coat and fed her sugar; now she pulls his carriage
the animals hold their meetings in the big barn, and Snowball and Napoleon’s constant disagreements continue to dominate the proceedings.
Snowball proves a better speaker and debater
Napoleon can better canvass for support in between meetings
Snowball brims with ideas for improving the farm: he studies Mr. Jones’s books and eventually concocts a scheme to build a windmill
When Snowball has finally completed his plans, all assemble for a great meeting to decide whether to undertake the windmill project.
Snowball gives a passionate speech
Napoleon has his dogs attack snowball
Afterward, many of the animals feel confused and disturbed Chapter VI:
For the rest of the year, the animals work at a backbreaking pace to farm enough food for themselves and to build the windmill
Squealer explains that they have simply “readjusted” them—and the animals receive no food at all unless they work on Sunday afternoons
Boxer,commits himself to Animal Farm, doing the work of three horses but never complaining
The windmill profect prjects many difficulties
The animals struggle over how to break the available stone into manageable sizes for building without picks and crowbars, which they are unable to use
By late summer, the animals have enough broken stone to begin construction.
Although their work is strenuous, the animals suffer no more than they had under Mr. Jones
They have enough to eat and can maintain the farm grounds easily now that humans no longer come to cart off and sell the fruits of their labor
But the farm still needs a number of items that it cannot produce on its own
Mr. Whymper begins paying a visit to the farm every Monday, and Napoleon places orders with him for various supplies
The on commandment changed to “No animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets.”
Napoleon announces in appalled tones that the windmill has been sabotaged by Snowball, who, he says, will do anything to destroy Animal Farm Chapter VII:
In the bitter cold of winter, the animals struggle to rebuild the windmill
January, they fall short of food, a fact that they work to conceal from the human farmers around them
The humans refuse to believe that Snowball caused the destruction of the windmill
Napoleon contracts to sell four hundred eggs a week
Snowball has been visiting the farm at night, after he was kicked off
Squealer announces that Snowball has sold himself to Mr. Frederick’s farm, Pinchfield
The animals remember Snowball’s heroism and recall that he received a medal
Napoleon and Squealer convince the others that Snowball’s apparent bravery simply constituted part of his treacherous plot
Napoleon forces certain animals to confess to their participation in a conspiracy with Snowball and then has the dogs tear out these supposed traitors’ throats
The dogs, apparently without orders, even attack Boxer, who effortlessly knocks them away with his huge hooves
Boxer says that he would never have believed that such a thing could happen on Animal Farm.
Some of the animals begin to sing “Beasts of England,” but Squealer appears and explains that “Beasts of England” may no longer be sung
Chapter VIII:
A few days after the bloody executions, the animals discover that the commandment reading “No animal shall kill any other animal” now reads: “No animal shall kill any other animal without cause."
the animals blame the apparent change on their faulty memories
The animals work even harder throughout the year to rebuild the windmill
Napoleon has now taken the title of “Leader” and has dozens of other complimentary titles as well
Minimus has written a poem in praise of the Napoleon and inscribed it on the barn wall
When negotiations favor Mr. Frederick, the pigs teach the animals to hate Mr. Pilkington
When Mr. Pilkington then appears ready to buy the timber, the pigs teach the animals to hate Mr. Frederick with equal ferocity
the animals complete the construction of the windmill
Mr. Frederick soon attacks Animal Farm with a large group of armed men
the animals attack the men, driving them away, but at a heavy cost: several of the animals are killed, and Boxer sustains a serious injury
the pigs discover a crate of whisky in the farmhouse basement
“No animal shall drink alcohol” actually reads “No animal shall drink alcohol to excess,”
the animals set about rebuilding the windmill
Boxer remains seriously injured, he shows no sign of being in pain and refuses to leave his work for even a day
Clover makes him a poultice for his hoof, and he eventually does seem to improve, but his coat doesn’t seem as shiny as before and his great strength seems slightly diminished
Food grows ever more scarce, and all animals receive reduced rations, except for the pigs and the dogs
Squealer continues to produce statistics proving that, even with this “readjustment,” the rations exceed those that they received under Mr. Jones
four sows give birth to Napoleon’s piglets, thirty-one in all, Napoleon commands that a schoolhouse be built for their education, despite the farm’s dwindling funds
Napoleon begins ordering events called Spontaneous Demonstrations, at which the animals march around the farm, listen to speeches, and exult in the glory of Animal Farm
In April, the government declares Animal Farm a republic, and Napoleon becomes president in a unanimous vote, having been the only candidate
Moses the raven returns to the farm and once again begins spreading his stories about Sugarcandy Mountain
Boxer’s strength fails; he collapses while pulling stone for the windmill
The pigs announce that they will arrange to bring Boxer to a human hospital to recuperate
Soon Squealer announces that the doctors could not cure Boxer: he has died at the hospital

Chapter X:
Many animals age and die, and few recall the days before the Rebellion
The animals complete a new windmill, which is used not for generating electricity but for milling corn, a far more profitable endeavor
The other animals largely accept this explanation, and their lives go on very much as before
Squealer takes the sheep off to a remote spot to teach them a new chant
the animals have just finished their day’s work when they hear the terrified neighing of a horse
Napoleon soon appears as well, walking upright; worse, he carries a whip
“but some animals are more equal than others.” Became a commandment
the pigs invite neighboring human farmers over to inspect Animal Farm
Mr. Pilkington notes with appreciation that the pigs have found ways to make Animal Farm’s animals work harder and on less food than any other group of farm animals in the county
Napoleon even announces that Animal Farm will now be known as the Manor Farm, which is, he believes, its “correct and original name.”
The animals, watching through the window, realize with a start that, as they look around the room of the farmhouse, they can no longer distinguish which of the cardplayers are pigs and which are human beings.

George Orwell

was born in Motihari, Bengal, India, as the second child of Richard Walmesley Blair and Ida Mabel Limonzin 1904 Orwell moved with his mother and sister to England, where he attended Eton Orwell's years at St Cyprian's Preparatory School in Easbourne were not happy Books He Wrote 1984 A Hanging Bookshop Memories Can Socialists Be Happy? Charles Dickens Future Of A Ruined Germany Ironic Poem About Prostitution Mark Twain The Licensed Jester Poem From Burma Reflections On Gandhi Shooting An Elephant Spilling The Spanish Beans The Lesser Evil Why I Write Amierican Revolution victories at Trenton and Princeton, N.J victory at Saratoga, N.Y 1778, fighting shifted to the South In 1778, fighting shifted to the South. Britain succeeded in capturing Georgia and Charleston,
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