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David's Bridal Media Proposal

for ADV 307 - Media Planning at S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. Join the conversation with #307Wedding on Twitter and Instagram!

Bryan Chou

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of David's Bridal Media Proposal

David's Bridal Target Audience: Engaged Couples David's Bridal Demographics 18-34
Slight Skew towards women
Middle Class
Nationality/Religious Background all inclusive
Region: Midwest Spending Habits Psychographics Media Usage Heavy users of the Internet
95-97% use cell phones
53% are smart phones (Windows, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android) Financial assistance from parents
Average Household income: $55,000 vs Average Wedding: $28,000
Spend less on honeymoon for the wedding
Using recession as opportunity to personalize details More than half of the population are motivated to buy clothes when they're not at full-price
Brides felt that expensive dresses could be bargained down (Mintel) David's Bridal: Today Largest retail bridal chain in the country
Offers sizes 2 through 26
Sells gown under private labels, most gowns are foreign made
Frequently uses radio, television, and billboard advertising Primary Research 3133 East Erie Blvd.,
Syracuse, NY 13214 Annie "Hi, I'm getting married but I don't really know how to go about this. I don't really know what I want." Pic Source: http://www.forrestperformancegroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/SalesPersonFirst-Jason-Forrest-Houston-agent-article-X-Factor-Forrest-Performance-Group-housing-market-real-estate.jpg Miranda When's your busiest time? "'Bridal Christmas' occurs January through February. People will come in for next year's 'Christmas'" When is your slowest time? "Our 'dead season' begins in September and continues through the beginning of November" When do people buy their dress in relation to their wedding? Typically, people buy their dress a year in advance. What is most important when helping a client? "Most important factor to employees: emotional value.
'You have to care about people.'" How employers increase emotional experience: We examine the customer the moment she enters the store.
Tour of the store to get what she is envisioning for the wedding How do consumers hear about David's Bridal? Primarily word of mouth
Websites In House Services Invitation Production


Gifts and Favors Out Of House Services Partnership with Men's Warehouse

Connections with florists, wedding linens, reception venues, honeymoon locations, transportation Problem David's Bridal needs to connect to Engaged Couples in an interactive way Pic Source: http://www.babylock.com/ftp/projects/bride.jpg Media Proposal Internet Mobile App Outdoor Print Thank You
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