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leslie ditrick

on 26 November 2014

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Transcript of E

Mysteries of the Universe
Discusses certain historical artifacts, mysteries, and natural formations. Students will learn about Son Doong, the world’s largest cave, found by accident, in Vietnam, the legend of the Aztec Crystal Skulls, the Avenue of the Baobabs, and Mount Kilimanjaro located in Africa. Students will learn theories and myths surrounding the oddities and what we can learn from them.

Cycles of the Elements
Educational Policy
Breakdown of Day

-Monday through Thursday
9am-12pm Morning Classes

12pm-1pm Lunch Break

1pm-5pm Afternoon Classes

Mission Statement...
"Element"ary School
Proposal by:
Leslie Ditrick
Crystal Cadwell
Giselle Gibbs
Megan Galliher
Khanh Van Le

Wood, fire, earth, metal and water make up the foundation for the entire physical world. Our mission is to provide an environment where young men and women can explore these elements and learn to understand and respect their powerful nature. We will expand on the foundations set forth by the Chinese Taoist philosophy, a tradition developed in the 6th century B.C. that emphasizes living in harmony with “the Tao” or “the way.”

“When people see things as beautiful,
ugliness is created.
When people see things as good,
evil is created.
Difficult and easy complement each other.
Long and short define each other.
High and low oppose each other.
Fore and aft follow each other.
Being and nonbeing produce each other."

By utilizing these interactions, students will be capable of strengthening their relationships with others, and within their own mind, body, and spirit. In order to continue fostering a healthy, stable society, we must teach future generations the importance of living in harmony with nature. In addition, we will challenge the young men and women of our school to be aware of and take responsibility for protecting themselves against the inherent dangers the elements may pose on the human body.
Early Taoists were heavily influenced by their observations of nature, and believed that in order to understand something, we had to compare it to its complementary opposite. We encourage our students to explore the meaning behind the five elements, and how they can utilize them in order to live a balanced, harmonious life with nature, themselves, and others.
We will educate our students on the cyclical process of the five elements and how they correspond to the interactions between Yin and Yang. The earliest origins of the terms Yin and Yang date back as early as the 14th century B.C. and are best described through the words of Laozi, the founder of Taoist philosophy, and author of the classic Chinese text,
Tao Te Ching

By incorporating the culture of our Vietnamese refugees into our training program, we will provide them with the confidence and self-sufficiency needed in order to thrive in a diverse community. This can be achieved by embracing opportunities that promote education and cultural understanding.
How to be an Awesome Student 101 (AKA Student Handbook)
How to be an Awesome Teacher 102 (AKA Teacher Handbook)
Student Code of Conduct
Classroom Breakdown
Elements of Leadership
Elements of Personality
Cultural Elements
Elements in Art
Medicinal Uses
Mind, Body, and Spirit
Elements for Consumption
Elements and the Changing Seasons
Elements of Nature
Dangers and Influences
History of Use
Introductory Elements
This experience demonstrates how the elements are present in everyday life; especially in locations such as Vietnam, notorious for housing the legendary Marble Mountains, which are known to unite and represent the five elements.
As educators, we will provide the resources necessary for students of every background to expand their knowledge on the five elements of nature, and to discover how they can employ the history, use, composition, and influence of them in order to lead fulfilling lives.
Students will learn the basics of each element, what they mean, how they influence humans mentally and physically, why they are the building blocks of the universe, and how they restore balance in nature. We will also touch on the relationship of Yin and Yang and how it applies to the five natural elements. At the end of the year, students will take a Personality Test to discover which element they personify in order to enroll in courses that are tailored towards their individual element.

Students will study the changing and shifting uses of the elements throughout history, including what influenced their progression, and how the elements may be implemented in the future. Also discusses fables and legends surrounding the elements, such as the creation of them and other ancient tales.

Teaches how the elements influence each other; the behavior, character, development of human beings, and overall influence in the world today. Coaches students on how to maintain control of each of the elements by discussing the dangers of the elements and how to prevent the repercussions. Includes the risks posed on both humans and in the environment.

Teaches where the elements are used in nature and how they work together to create the world. Discusses the harmony of natural elements, disasters, and wonders. Includes the creation and influence of the five elements on the Marble Mountains, as well as how they can utilize the elements in nature to flourish in agricultural related businesses.

Teaches students how the elements balance through the five seasons. Shows which elements are more prevalent in each season and how eventually, as the year goes on, the elements come into harmony.

Students will learn how the cuisine in different cultures is influenced by the five elements, and what spices, organs, colors, senses and nutrients they influence. This includes learning how to incorporate the balance between Yin and Yang to create meals that are beneficial for the human body. Teaches how certain food are believed to be “hot” or “cold” to the body (for example, watermelon is “hot” and papaya is “cool”).

Instructs students on how to enter a clear state of mind, body, and energy. Shows them how to develop awareness of one’s body while easing the mind in order to improve the health of our students. This course will help students develop compassion, generosity and a love for life and one’s body.

Teaches students how to find balance of one's body while exercising by regulating breathing and heart rate. By lowering stress levels, yoga will serve as a getaway from everyday life. Weather permitting, this course will be held outside in our relaxing botanical garden in order to help students relax, and find the flow of the mind and body working together as one.

Instructs students on their specific element and how it manifests itself inside them. Shows them how to interpret their thoughts and feelings through the understanding of the element that represents their soul. Students can learn about spiritual concepts such as Feng Shui, Yuan Fen, and Soul-Life. This course also addresses how to feel the energy from the elements and explain how you will know when to use them and when not to use them at any given time in order to avoid injury.

Teaches how the elements have been used for home remedies; what has worked, what hasn’t, and why, as well as how we have adapted the elements for modern day medicine and practice. Students will learn how to diagnose and treat ailments based on certain characteristics, and apply what they know in order to discover which elements are out of balance.

Students will learn how the five elements have been used throughout art history, as well as what they mean in certain works. Includes a section on the harmony of the architecture of the Hue Citadel in Vietnam, as well as Latin American art forms from famous artists such as Frida Kahlo. Students will create different pieces of artwork based on their own experience and interpretation of the elements. Course includes a final project where you design a piece with your element as the focus.

Teaches about the Five Element Generating, Overcoming, and Insulting Cycles. The focus will be on how the elements achieve harmony by helping and hurting each other equally and how if one element becomes more powerful, the harmony is disrupted and can be catastrophic.

Each elemental force generates or creates the next element in a creative sequence:

Water generates Wood. (Rain nourishes a tree)
Wood generates Fire. (Burning wood generates fire)
Fire generates Earth. (Ash is created from the fire)
Earth generates Metal. (Metal is mined from the earth)
Metal generates Water. (Water condenses on metal)

Generating Cycle
Teaches the cultural meanings and uses of the elements such as music, tea ceremonies, martial arts, and astrology. Students will have the opportunity to practice different styles of martial arts such as Cuong Nhu Oriental Martial Arts (Vietnam), Capoeria (Brazil), Muay Thai (Thailand) and African Nguni Stick Fighting.

Students will learn how each of the different elements corresponds to different personality types. Includes how they can accentuate their strong points, and work to strengthen their weaknesses. Students will be classed according to personality types and the main focus of the class will be on that individual element; however, the other elements will also be touched on.

This class will teach students responsibility, the correct uses for the elements, and how to impart their knowledge onto others. In this advanced course, elite students will be required to take leadership seriously and strive to gain all possible knowledge relating to their craft. This course will prepare students of all backgrounds to be successful leaders in today’s work force.

Elemental Chemistry
Throughout this class students will recieve a fulfilling experience learning about the fundamentals of chemistry, which make up the elements. Students will study the physical science around us. Utilizing math and science skills, students will grasp an understanding of the composition of the structures and changes in matter. Students will learn how chemistry links itself to all other natural sciences. This course will prepare students to use elements and tools around them which will allow them to excel in their chosen element.

In addition to our Vietnamese population, we will also accommodate the specific diversity of our hometown community in Stark County. We will provide tailored learning opportunities for our Amish, Hispanic, European, and African American populations to better prepare themselves for successful futures outside of our school.

Teachers will be charged with mastery of all five of the elements. In order to lead students down the path of enlightenment, they themselves must be able to achieve harmony in their lives through the equilibrium of fire, water, wood, earth, and metal. They will be responsible for ensuring that students respect the powerful nature of the elements, and understand how to utilize them in order to lead fulfilling lives. Teachers will demonstrate their mastery of the elements through professional conduct at all times.

Representing all things
Through this element, teachers will serve as mentors and advisors to their students. Displaying the highest levels of
, teachers will adhere to, and enforce all school policies. This includes ensuring that the use of technology in school is prohibited in order for students to eliminate chaos in their lives and focus on serenity and unity. Teachers should be
towards students and faculty, as well as show
to their students, and guide them in finding their path to spiritual enlightenment.

Teachers are to represent
in everything they do. By encouraging
in their students, teachers will be able to guide them in contemplating life’s many
. Additionally, they will embolden students to develop their own
by which to lead their lives. If faced with challenging students, teachers should be
in finding unique ways to inspire students.

Through the element of
teachers are responsible for maintaining high levels of professionalism and leading by example. They will take charge of their classrooms and create an environment that is conducive to learning for all students. By utilizing the characteristics of wood such as
, and
teachers will provide students with a unique, and engaging curriculum that enhances student’s understanding of the five elements.

Teachers are
all students to the best of their abilities. As students
throughout the years, teachers will show them the
they desire in order to flourish inside of school, and outside. Daily instruction will stress the importance of
under all circumstances. In order to create an environment that promotes unity and serenity, teacher’s are also required to encourage students to develop meaningful
with themselves and others.

Teachers will demonstrate their impressive
of mind, body, and soul, while maintaining proper
in all situations. They will manage students
, and teach the importance of
In order to develop a student's
skills, teachers should also teach the characteristics of metal such as

We expect our students to learn the very important ideas and details about the elements that surround us. To do this, we believe that we should conduct our school in a safe, effective, and exciting way. We believe that students learn best if they are taught life altering lessons. For our school and our students to be successful, we expect 100% attendance and attention. There is no exception to bullying of any kind, whether it be physical, mental, or elemental combat unless advised by the faculty. If such an incidence should occur, immediate removal and effective disciplinary action will be taken to maintain a safe environment for the rest of the students.

The fire element is likely to be the most dangerous element. It takes very little agitation for a student to become

however, do
n’t be afraid to have fun and be adventurous in the activities we provide. Enjoy your time outside of class and be
in all that you do. Don’t allow for others to overlook your abilities, and always show your creativity and passion. We will not accept
pranks or silly antics, so use your skills to
those with your brilliant new ideas and thoughts. Constantly be thinking

Our general goal for our students is to be constantly
and questioning the existence of all things. Do not hesitate to approach our faculty about any concerns you may have. Be careful not to hurt the feelings of others, and always be
to your peers and instructors. Don’t be afraid to act silly or participate in certain things that may seem
to you. Make the most of your education; try new things and journey with others to expand your knowledge and experimental ways. Be

We want to plant into our student the basis of the way life revolves around the world and the elements that surround us. We hope our students apply their
in intelligence and experience to real life situations. Always have
no matter where, or what position you find yourself in, whether it be the classroom or at home. Always look for the

side of a situation and shine your
upon others.

To be an excellent student and serve the duty of passing on knowledge to other students, as well as
the knowledge provided by the instructors. We believe that a
student will listen attentively and
other students to become involved with activities outside of class. Students should maintain
relationships to all who come across their path. Be a
and a role model to your fellow classmates, don’t follow the crowd, and stand up for what you believe in.

We encourage our students to be
and to express their opinions, while having fun learning this unique culture. Be sure to stay
and keep an open mind towards different or unusual actions and ideas. Keep a steady mind and be
to complete a task. Always assume
for your actions. Ou
r students should not be afraid to have some time to think to themselves and be
however, be sure to mingle and create meaningful relationships with others.

As a school that prides itself on being one with the elements, we will NOT tolerate abuse or mistreatment of any of them.

Do not use the elements if you think it might be unsafe in a certain situation
Do not poke fun or say one element is weaker than the other
Do not use vulgar language
Do not set fire to yourself, or anyone else (also includes doing similar actions using water, earth, metal or wood)
Do not use the elements to cause disruption or violence
Absolutely no technology will be used
Always be respectful towards others
Do not be angry if the element that was chosen for you is not the one that you originally wanted. Accept it, it is who you are
Students should not voice their opinion or judgment regarding any other person, unless in a positive way

And many more, please use your best judgment!
Examples of Student Misconduct
If any faculty member catches a student disobeying these rules, there will be immediate disciplinary action which can include, but is not limited to: suspension, removal from the school, elemental powers temporarily or permanently banned, etc. The faculty member(s) who witnesses the deviant act will decide what the students punishment shall be based on the intensity of the attack.

Dress Code
Students may wear whatever they like, as long as it is not promiscuously revealing themselves. Students must wear some piece of clothing that represents their element at all times.

Faculty Guidelines
Accommodate any students needs if possible and if appropriate
Do not create drama or violence with a student or other faculty member
Always be aware of your surrounding environment when using the powers
Do not allow students to fight to the death-stop any violence immediately
Be proper and demonstrate your knowledge on the subject without being overbearing
Always be welcoming to students and encourage them to ask questions and show their curiosity
Do not hit or harm a student
Use the elements in a very professional way
Showcase your talents and encourage the students to be dedicated and totally engrossed in their studies

Our faculty are the most qualified in the country, and we expect them to act and show leadership beyond what is asked of them, whether it be inside or outside of school. We set our expectations extremely high and will not settle or tolerate any behavior that is less than extraordinary. We encourage our students to look up to our faculty and feel comfortable expressing their feelings, thoughts, and worries without feeling judged. Our faculty must set a prime example of how we expect our school to be run, and how the elements can be used in a safe, responsible environment. They must be extremely knowledgeable and capable of answering any inquiry a student has regarding the elements or their background.
Culture Day 9am-12pm:

Each week students will dedicate Friday’s to experiencing first hand the different cultures that make up the diversity of the world. Activities will include ethnic dances, food, music, history, customs, courtesies, and celebrations. We want our students to understand, accept, and embrace the wide variety of culture’s that make up our school.

We understand that many of our students come from working families, and have many responsibilities to fulfill at home. As a non-traditional school, we are able to accommodate these students by providing a later start time than normal schools. This allows them ample time in the morning to complete duties at home, and still make it to school on time. Additionally, we assign no homework as all work will be completed during school hours. This will free up time in the evening for students to tend to family, work, or other obligations.

Our school is unable to comply with NCLB and IDEA for the following reasons:

Personality Element Test


Overcoming Cycle
Insulting Cycle
This cycle describes how the elements control each other:

Wood parts Earth (such as roots)
Earth absorbs Water
Water extinguishes Fire
Fire melts Metal
Metal chops Wood
The Insulting cycle runs in the opposite direction as the overcoming cycle:

Fire evaporates Water
Water washes away Earth
Earth (rock) breaks Wood
Wood dulls Metal
Metal shields against Fire
Our Facility
School Mascots
(Per the request of Giselle and Megan)
Faculty Code of Conduct
Disciplinary Action
Office Hours 12-2pm:

Every Friday from 12-2pm, teachers are required to remain in their offices as part of office hours. Though it's not required, students are encouraged to stop by their teacher’s office hours to address any comments, complaints, or concerns they have in regards to their academic courses.
Friday Schedule cont.
30 students per class
17 teachers per grade
Those 17 teachers are separated into 3 teachers per element (plus 2 extra assistant teachers)
Three 7th grade water teachers
Three 11th grade fire teachers

Teacher Employment
Grades K-6:
-119 teachers total
-Require Bachelor’s degree
-Starting salary: $190,000 equaling a total of $22,610,000

Grades 7-12:
-102 teachers total
-Require Master’s degree
-Must have experience teaching in at least two different cultures (study abroad, minor, student teaching abroad, volunteering, or working abroad)
-Starting salary: $200,000 equaling a total of $20,400,000

Other Staff Employment
-1 Guidance Counselor
$70,000 each
-5 School Psychiatrists
$150,000 each
-5 School Nurses
$95,000 each
Must be a registered nurse
-15 Speech-language pathologists
$180,000 each
Must be fluent in English and at least two other languages. We look for pathologists who can help with our large Amish, Hispanic, African, European, and Asian student body
-5 Custodians
$100,000 each
-15 School Cooks
$100,000 each
-1 Principal
$85,000 each
Need Master’s degree
-6 School Board members
$190,000 each
Six members who make democratic decisions must have graduated from "Element"ary School, and also be a master of the elemental arts. They do the hiring and firing at the recommendation of the principal

Benefits of Staff
-Health Insurance (medical, dental, vision)
-Life Insurance
-10 sick days
-Summers off, Winter Break off, Thanksgiving, Spring Break

Total money spent on staff a year: $49,545,000

85% of the annual budget is spent on teacher salaries

15% of the annual budget is spent on other staff

Our school is unable to comply with the nation’s federal special education law that ensures that public schools serve the educational needs of students with disabilities, or Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Our school's curriculum is mentally, physically, and emotionally demanding for both students and staff. We cannot afford to dedicate time or resources to supporting the educational needs of the few. In addition, our curriculum may be too challenging for some students. Only the seriously dedicated, focused, and ambitious students can excel in this demanding environment.
We also do not want to put unfair pressure on our teachers. Teachers should not be held 100% accountable for the proficiency of the children's progress. Every child has a different style of learning, and a child who excels in one style, which is specifically made for one classroom setting, might not be able to adapt or excel equally well in another setting.

In the process of hiring our teachers, we evaluate and trust them on the basis of their subject knowledge, practical teaching methods, and how well they connect and communicate with students. It is important to us that teachers can form these positive and meaningful connections. Teachers need not treat the students as shells to shove information into. Rather, teachers should see students as individuals who can be guided through adaptable teaching methods.
Our school does not support standards-based education reform through the No Child Left Behind Act. The purpose of our school is not to place unnecessary pressure on students through conventional testing methods. The focus of our school is to demonstrate learning and progress through personal enlightenment and by becoming one with nature. Each student will have the opportunity to learn and grow at a pace that suits their individual mental, physical, and spiritual needs. Students will be assessed on their practical application of their knowledge of the elements.
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