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Conrad Hilton

No description

Jason Meyer

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Conrad Hilton

Jason Meyer
Conrad Hilton
Conrad Hilton started Hilton Hotels
The Life of Conrad Hilton
Conrad Hilton was born on December 25, 1887 in San Antonio, New Mexico.
Conrad died on January 3, 1979.
He was married 3 times
His first wife, Mary Barron, had three children with Conrad. Their children were Conrad Nicholson, Jr. (Nicky), William Barron, and Eric Micheal. They were married for 9 years until they divorced.(1925-34).
Conrad 's second wife was the famous actress, Zsa Zsa Gabor, which gave birth to Constance Francesca. Conrad and Zsa Zsa got married in 1942 until they split in 1946.
Conrad 's third and final wife went by the name of Mary Kelly, which he married in 1976. Unfortunately, this marriage would come to an end in 1979 when Conrad Hilton passed.
When Conrad was 21 years old, he took over his father's general store.
He then served in the New Mexico State legislature.
Hilton joined the U.S. Army and fought in WWI.
After buying the Mobley Hotel and equipping the hotel with new ideas, Conrad became a proud business owner/ hotelier.
Ever since he was a boy Conrad wanted to be a bank manager, but this dream was short lived when he bought a bank and it went bankrupt.
Conrad received a higher education in the Mining Institute, in which he was a engineer by profession.
Works Cited
The Hilton Hotels is not owned by the family any more.
The Hilton Hotels were bought from Blackstone for $26 billion, in 2007.
It is definitely an international company.
Hilton Hotels still exist today.
Stephen Schwarzman
Hilton Hotels Tactics and Strategies
Conrad added more rooms to the hotels.
He also equipped the rooms with amenities such as air conditioning, automatic entrance doors, alarm clocks, and direct dialing telephones.
Conrad also had the first idea to offer additional services and products.
He placed shop windows at the front of the hotel.
one brought in $8,000 per month.
Hilton introduced the franchise model.
Conrad was one of the first people to introduce the 1-5 hotel rating system.
Conrad Hilton merged hotels and casinos together.
Conrad placed the hotels by air and seaports.
Offered the round-off packages.
Hilton Hotels had a reward system called the Hilton Honors.
Hotel Company of the Year and Apex Award; 2009
Top 100 Companies to Work For; 2011
Best Company For Hourly Workers; 2012
And Lots More!!
My Opinion
Conrad Hilton was a hard working man that took the time to do whatever he needed to do to fulfill his dream. Conrad is a truly amazing guy and he put a lot of effort into his work. I wish I could have met him before he died because he's that inspiring. Plus he lived life to the fullest.
Hilton was always remembered for his enjoyment and performance of keeping the hotel business. He impacted millions of people with his hospitality. The Hilton Hotels will prevail being successful because people are still becoming Hilton Honors and they are strategically placed. Thus, Conrad will always be a giant in the hotel business, since he introduced and remodeled most of the amenities and accesories we have today.
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