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Education Presentation

Outdoor Leadership School

Amory Genter

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Education Presentation

Mission Statement Establish a safe and challenging environment in which students can develop a strong sense of self as leaders. We will implement these goals through incorporating outdoor learning and environmental education.
School Day ¾ each school day dedicated to general curriculum- science, math, history/social studies, English/Literature
1 ½ hour periods
45 min. Lecture
45 min. Student Leadership
¼ each school day dedicated to outdoor leadership and adventure
Sample Schedule 8:00am - 11:00am Class
11:0oam - 12:20pm Outdoor Education
12:20am - 1:00pm Lunch
1:00pm - 2:20pm Class
2:30pm - 3:30pm Outdoor Leadership
Leadership Student Leadership in Class
Students can apply their specific leadership skills in a group setting
Outdoor Leadership Adventure
Students are challenged to discover more about their leadership style through outdoor activities.
Ropes Course (High and Low)
Risk Assessment, Prevention, Management in Outdoor Scenarios
Budget ¾ of student funding to classroom materials, teacher salary, food, ect.
¼ of student funding to outdoor program, outdoorsman salary, gear, ropes course, transportation, certifications, access fees ect.
Will pay outdoor teachers in granola and clothes
Journeys School Jackson Hole, WY
Private school
The core academic program combines fundamental skills and knowledge with the modern concepts of leadership, creativity, communication, collaboration and problem-solving.
All middle and high school students are allowed to participate in Teton County School District athletics and activities
Journeys School offers an Outdoor Club for all interested students in grades 6-12
Journeys School's core approach to learning is teaching students outside of the classroom.
Why Junior High? According to theories of child development, during the period of early adolescences, students experience identity confusion, characterized by: reconciling who they want to become with what society tells them
a concern with how they appear to others, both outwardly and inwardly
development of personal values and selection of role models
emotional pressures, alternate between high expectations and low self-esteem
rule and limit testing
Leadership training and experiences can address the issue of identity crises by emphasizing personal strength, creating strong peer groups, presenting positive role models and proving a safe space for limit testing Why outdoors? Outdoor experiences have been shown to positively impact child development in the areas of cognition, personality, social, emotional and physical growth Specific examples: Attention- Children showed significant improvement on attention capacities following a 20 min walk in a natural setting (Talyor & Kuo, 2009; Berman, Jonides & Kaplan, 2008)

Personal Strength Characteristics- Following an outdoor experience, adolescents self-reported enhanced self esteem, self-confidence, independence and autonomy (Kellert & Derr, 1998)

School Engagement- Green school grounds and environmentally based curriculum resulted in increased school enthusiasm, teacher motivation and academic achievement (Dymet, 2005; Basile, 2000)
Go Outside, Grow Inside A Charter School Proposal By: Amory Genter
Anna Danila
Allison Staley
Kim Roberts
Taylor Roozen Trust us on this one Average Washington teacher salary: $43,000
Dirtbag Hippies salary: 2 boxes of nature valley granola bars ($6.99) and a used flannel shirt ($2.99)
Money Saved: $42,990.02
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