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Julia cox

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Homeboyz

Julia's 2nd Quarter Independent Reading Project
4th Period

Title, Setting, & Antagonist #1
Antagonist #2, Protagonist, Plot, & Significant Objects
Theme & Sountrack
by Alan Lawrence Sitomer
This story takes place in the hood, partly on Serpent Street. In this area, it's either "eat or be eaten". If you're not in a gang, you will be forced to be in a gang. There has been gang rivalries for years. Once you're in a gang, there's no getting out.
Antagonist #1
Antagonist #2
The second antagonist in this book is a buff guy nicknamed "Mumzy B", on the streets. By the time he actually comes into the story, he is a soon-to-be father. He was the original killer of Teddy's sister, Meeksha AKA Lil Gal Blinkie (in the hood), that Teddy was on a hunt for. When he gets introduced in the book, he actually turned out to be a nice guy, and he hasn't gang-banged since Meeksha died, years ago. Her death was all over the news: "Honors student at --------- Middle School has been shot and killed....."
The protagonist in this book is a 17-year-old named Dixon Theodore Anderson, nicknamed Teddy in the hood. He is the one who's sister died. When his sister died, he didn't get sad, he got mad. Teddy is a computer genius. He is somewhat quiet. Teddy thought differently, than everbody else. At the end of the book, Teddy finds Mumzy B and puts a gun to his head. Instead of shooting him, for payback, he says "I want something you can't give me......... my sister back."
Teddy's Sister is killed, due to gang violence.
Significant Objects
You shouldn't punish someone for a loss you had , that can't be replaced anyway.
In the book, Teddy was about to shoot the killer of his sister, but then he had an epiphany and realized that killing Mumzy B wasn't going to help his pain. It wasn't going to change anything afterwards, except one less bullet in his gun, one more single mother-to-be, one more fatherless child...... It was too bad that Mumzy B and his family got killed anyway, but at least Teddy didn't have to feel salty for it . Teddy turned out fine. Although he so deeply misses his sister, him and his family came out just fine. That is why the theme "You shouldn't punish someone for a loss you had, that can't be replaced anyway." works for this book.
Relateable Soundtrack Explanation
The song I chose is "What's Goin On by Marvin Gaye". This song works because he says "You see, war is not the answer." He also says "For only love can conquer hate." Teddy didn't put his hate on Mumzy B, because it wouldn't help. Teddy needed love, to conquer his hate of , Mumzy B. That is why the song works.
Relateable Soundtrack
An antagonist in this book is, the leader of a gang, nicknamed Eevil. He is the #1 drug and weapon dealer on the streets. He gives no mercy upon people who mess with his gang of mostly influenced 11-13 year-olds. They act to him as his "servants". If he needs a job done, they do it instantly. Anyway, Eevil is the leader of the gang that got the main character's, Teddy, sister killed, in an order for someone else to be shot down.
Teddy halfway kills wrong gang members, who he thought killed his sis, and gets community service hours, mentoring a boy named Micah. Eevil happens to be Micah's cousin, which is how Teddy found out who killed his sister.
Mumzy B is already being targeted by Eevil for snitching. Teddy wants to get Mumzy B himself. Teddy acts as if going for a drive with Mumzy B, and that's when he puts the gun up to him, but doesnt shoot. Then, he tells him Eevil is out to get him.
They rush back to Mumzy B's apartment to find his future baby mother and his future baby dead with blood splatters everwhere. Mumzy B, first wants to shoot Teddy, fore he thought he did this on purpose, then, Mumzy B turns the gun around and pulls the trigger, right in his own mouth. When it's over, Teddy and Eevil fight a good fight, and Teddy wins. He said "This is for you." Teddy hacked the jail computers and put Eevil in the worst cell.
In the end, Teddy, and his family visited the loved one's tombstone and cried. Some tears happy, some sad. She will always be remembered.
Teddy's deceased sister used to have lotion bottles everywhere she went. In places like Teddy's car, or just places around the house. You would never catch her ashy!
Micah, the kid Teddy was supposed to be mentoring, was given a phone that only called the police, who would be there instantly if called, or Officer Diaz, the officer that assigned Teddy to Micah. Micah used this "phone" to immediately call the police after Eevil got his butt whooped. That was when Eevil was arrested.
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