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Made in China

Ino Acosta

on 20 September 2010

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Transcript of Fireworks

Fireworks Made in China Discovery of Gun Powder and history of fireworks Frieworks were discovered 2,000 years ago in China by accident by a monk named Li Tian in Liu Yang There are many sides to how Fireworks were first put to use The most known one is about a cook who mixed charcoal, sulphur and salt. The mixture burned and once it was compressed into bamboo the mixture exploded. Some say it originated in India
October 18, 2003, Indian national newspaper credits China as dicoverers of gun powder Liu Yang still serves as the main production area in the world Marco Polo: man crdited for bringing gun powder to Europe Italians were the first nation to produce fireworks Many of the American fireworks industries today were founded by families of Italian descent Fireworks then became popular in England during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.
Shakephere included it in his plays Uses of Fireworks Used for military purposes Used as rockets and cannons Phases of the advancements of Fireworks in China 200-225 BC-Residents of Hunan would roast bamboo to make a loud sound 5th century : First paper tube crackers were made 581-618: Sun Simao invets the first fireworks. Frighten away evil spirits 1706- Amedee Frezier publishes Treatise on Fireworks. Became a manual for fireworks makers 1749-Handel composes Music for the Royal Fireworks Used by ships as a call for help . Known as S.O.S. Used in all holidays and celebrations Pros Fireworks provide jobs to thousands of people Provide joy during the holiday season Are a S.O.S. for sinking ships Serve as a tool in war Boost countries economies Cons Cause life threatening injuries Can be a tremendous waste of money Can start fires Fireworks if not handled properly can cause............................... THAT Fireworks can cause burns all over the body Bruises are more likely to occur on the face Blindess and permanent scarring also may occur Fireworks can also burn down buildings December 31, 2008
Santika pub burns down due to fireworks almost 100 people burned alive Just be careful when using fireworks WHAT DOES'NT KILL US MAKES US STRONGER Wikipedia, . "Fireworks." Wikimedia, 18 09 2010. Web. 20 Sep 2010. <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fireworks#History>. Alan, BJ. "History of Fireworks." B.J. Alan Company, 2010. Web. 20 Sep 2010. <http://www.fireworks.com/safety/fireworks-history.asp>. Center for Diseases Control and Management, . "Firework related injuries." Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control , 25 06 2010. Web. 20 Sep 2010. <http://www.cdc.gov/homeandrecreationalsafety/fireworks/index.html
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