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The Royal flying Doctor Service by Lily.C 5/6P

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Elizabeth Harris

on 8 September 2015

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Transcript of The Royal flying Doctor Service by Lily.C 5/6P

By Lily Crouch 5/6P
The Royal flying Doctor Service 2015
The Royal Flying Doctor Service was created on the 15th of May in 1928. The RFDS flew and still flies all around Australia to give medical help. the RFDS started with John Flynn's vision of providing health care to rural, remote and regional areas of Australia. They were also dedicated to providing a mantle of safety. The RFDS is dedicated to bringing first class services to people in need of medical attention.
This event changed how Australian's lived because the RFDS that helped people in need of medical attention throughout Australia so they would live a longer life and have a better future.
This effected how Australian's receive medical help because Australia now has ambulances and local hospitals but before the RFDS first established, people in rural, remote and regional areas couldn't receive medical help because there was no medical services close enough to treat people in need of medical help. When they established people in rural, remote and regional areas could receive medical attention no matter where they were.
This event is significant because John Flynn created the RFDS to help those in rural, remote and regional areas who need medical attention. Without the RFDS lots of Australians could of lost their lives and many others who needed medical service.
The RFDS changed the every day lives of people in Australia by making sure that the people who needed medical help got help. Before the RFDS people who needed help would not have got help because they wouldn't have a local hospital and they didn't have an ambulance. So therefore the people wouldn't get help and would be living a painful life because they needed medical help from a doctor.
This has now changed as the RFDS provides medical attention so people can life safe and healthy lives.
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