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CV Rachel McFarlane

Tech work

Rachel McFarlane

on 7 July 2016

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Transcript of CV Rachel McFarlane

20 years of draughting experience in oil and gas.
Advanced understanding 2D & 3D software
Created New Business solutions for EPC fixed contracts using programming client specific
Web design for local businesses
Working knowledge of Maya and Photoshop CS4
Dundee College Kingsway Campus
2000 - 2001 HNC CAD 2D/3D with Merits
2002 - 2004 HNC Construction
2002 - 2004 HND Architectural Technologist
Acad Inventor
Software used
Work Experience
Bureau Veritas March - Dec 2012
Inspection TA
Construction Iso's made to Composite Iso's
For Alywn, Dunbar, Elgin & St Fergus
Xodus Group, Carden Place, Aberdeen
Maersk GP3 Dumbarton As-Building Reformatting
Issued Drawings for work pack using the DCC system
Web Design/Creation for local businesses (P/T)
Mar 12 - Dec 12
Feb 11 - Aug 11
Jan 10 - Jan 11
PSN Aberdeen (Dyce)
Lead Cad Designer/Tech Author
Projects worked on included: BP/Conoco/Talisman/Exxon Mobil/Apache
Apr 05 - Dec 10
See Attached CV for Full
Work History
Thank-you for looking
press [Esc] to Exit
arrow triggers the options
The draughter can select what size of bolt from a table created in plain Autocad. Dialog boxes are created for any symbol the
Rachel's CV
Autocad PID
E.P.C. Skills
Contacted by WG/PSN asked me to look at a problem regarding the time it took to sort out drawings which had exploded clouds.
The clouds were no longer joined and could not be manipulated as a group.
Time taken to sort re-create the one element shape 15mins.
Created a Lisp routine for them Using the "PEDIT" command.
Draughting time went from 15mins to 1min
The Lisp routine I wrote removes error possibility
AutoLisp Solution
(defun c:pj ( / peditaccept ss )
(if (setq ss (ssget "_:L" ' ((0 . "ARC,LINE,LWPOLYLINE"))))
(setq peditaccept (getvar 'peditaccept))
(setvar 'peditaccept 1)
(command "_.pedit" "_M" ss "" "_J" "" "")
(setvar 'peditaccept peditaccept)
Time saved 2hrs
New challenges where communication, teamwork and ability to think beyond the norm adds value to a company
Dynamic Blocks
Intelligent Acad for data management
Arup Scotland
Civil Technician/IT Support
Jun 04 - Mar 05
Working on greenfield projects domestic and commercial from inception to construction.
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