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Game Design with an Educational Endgame

Students engaging in creative and fun learning experiences!

Scott Kley Contini

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Game Design with an Educational Endgame

We wish they would spend more time studying. and less time playing games with an Educational Endgame Game Design Scott Kley Contini
Assistant Director of Instructional Technology
The Harker School Easy to Setup Are your students
like this? engaged excited proactive Maybe like this? bored lethargic disengaged Why would they play less? it's FUN! Capture the enthusiasm! Getting Started Intro to Game Design We started on a Friday. By Monday, the majority of the kids were done with the Quests and were making their own games for fun. was easy... for the kids Elements of Game Design some students have difficulty creating a "balanced" game. They want to impress each other students are more likely to respond to peer feedback Review Revise Getting Educational using a "build your own" project, we challenged the students to make educational games Reenact Alexander the Great's Battles HISTORY MATH Hannibal + The 2nd Punic War Math + The Zombie Apocalypse Caesar and Brutus Polynomials What is GameStar Mechanic? Perfect Squares Hurdles playing in other classes
excessive play (time)
keeping up with the kids Thank You! It is important to setup clear Ground Rules Communication with Parents on expectations Communication with fellow teachers Have an open mind and let them explore within reason Ideas: Let's Make a Game! http://www.gamestarmechanic.com http://www.gamestarmechanic.com/join/eduendgame SCIENCE Astronomy + Planets ENGLISH John Steinbeck's The Pearl Systems Problem Solving Storytelling and more!
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