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FORM III - SOFI S Y MARTI L - Ancient Greece

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gabriela meyer

on 27 November 2017

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Transcript of FORM III - SOFI S Y MARTI L - Ancient Greece

Only rich boys went to the school,girls couldn´t go.
food part 2

when did they eat meat ?
Ancient Greece

They had 3 teachers,one teacher was for phylosophy, they learnt math, politics,arts, music,literature,science,readingand writing.
Did all children go to school?
How many teachers did they have at school?
What happened to wealthy girls?
wealthy girls had a private tutor.
could all the Greek citizens read?
no only wealthy boys and wealthy girls that had a tutor.
What did they drink in the symposium?
They drank wine with bread.
What kind of food did they eat?
They ate honey with oranges,olives and fish.
What did they use as a napkin?
They didn´t had a napkin,
They use bread.
Did all the citizens eat meat? Why?
No,only rich citizens ate meat because the meat was very expensive.
they ate meat in the festivals

1. How many people could see a play in the Ancient Greek theaters?
More than 15,000 people in the audience.
2. Who could act in a play? Only men could act in a play

3. What was the orchestra?
where they performed
4 .What was the skene?
Where the actors changed costumes
5. What kind of plays did the Greeks have?
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