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Week 5 Lesson 2: Unpacking high, medium and low text response samples (2)

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Liam Brooks

on 1 March 2018

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Transcript of Week 5 Lesson 2: Unpacking high, medium and low text response samples (2)

Week 5 Lesson 2: Analysing high, medium and low text responses (2)
Learning goal: To be able to distinguish the key features of high, medium and low text responses.

Success criteria: Students will be able to explain how the following features may determine a high, medium and low sample:
Knowledge of the text
Quality and variety of evidence
retelling plot or actually analysing the text?
Clarity of writing and expression
proof-reading and editing
copy and paste as needed and take advantage of an infinite canvas!
Three station activity

1. Working in small allocated groups.
2. You will spend 12 minutes at each of the three 'stations' around the room. Each station will have an essay from last year to read and briefly mark.

3. You will mark the essay according to the following features:
Knowledge of the text (1-5)
Contention (1-5)
Is there one!? If there is, is it simple or evaluative?
Structure (1-5)
Clear topic sentences for body paragraphs?

Quality and variety of evidence? (1-5)
Events? Quotes? Genre/style features? Context features?

Retells the plot or actually analyses it? (1-5)
Clarity of writing and grammar, evidence of proof-reading and editing (1-5)
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