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Princess Diana

No description

I Hamid

on 17 November 2017

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Transcript of Princess Diana

Pictures published to media that started uproar about pregnancy
Baby Bump?
- dating Dodi al-Fayed at time of her death

- many similarities:
- very rich- wasn't after money
- divorced
- abandoned by mother
- raised by father
Unapproved Lover
Engagement.. to DEATH!
Rees-Jones today, a huge billionaire (Forbes)
The ring!
Mohamed Al-Fayed
- Dodi's father

- supported the couple

- convinced Royal Family had Diana and Dodi killed

- to this day still trying to sue the Royal Family

- knew that Dodi was about to propose

- After their death built two memorials in their honor
Princess Diana: was it really a car

- at a 121 mph car crash, there was one survivor!

- Trevor Rees-Jones, the bodyguard, survived with injuries to the head

- used to work for Royal Mitlitary Police

- claims that he has lost memory of the incident
Bodyguard: Just Lucky??
- purchased an engagement ring

- Dodi was going to propose that

- servents knew about engagement

- Royal Family afraid Diana's marriage would ruin plans to raise the future heirs to the throne
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The Peculiar Trip to the Hospital
- 2 hours to reach to the Pitié-Salpétrière Hospital
the ambulance reached the crash site at 12:32 A.M
left the site at 1:25 A.M.
reached the hospital at 2:06 A.M.
- many doctors agree that the long delay took away Lady Di's chance for survival
- the royal family saw Diana's body; her body was illegally embalmed without going through an autopsy
- embalming a body hides pregnancies
What "happened" ?
Jealous ex: Prince Charles
- Diana Frances Spencer, former Princess of Wales, and her boyfriend, Dodi al-Fayed, boarded a car, leaving the Ritz hotel
- the driver, Henri Paul (apparently drunk) chased by paparazzi
- crashed into a pillar in the Pont de l'Alma tunnel - everyone died except for the body guard

Prince Charles: clearly crazy
Princess Diana
Henri Paul
- ex husband and father of her two kids

- married from 1981-1996

- had multiple affairs with Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall (in his younger years & during his marriage with Diana)

- before they were married, had an affair with Diana's older sister, Sarah

- Diana even attempted suicide because of Charles' affairs
Blame it on the Driver!
- married to Camilla now that Diana is dead
- Princess Diana mentioned in a interview, "There were three of us in the marriage. It was a bit crowded."
- Camillagate Scandal - an intimate phone conversation between Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

Camilla and Charles together at a young age
Got remarried in 2005
Unwanted Marriage
- Diana said his name in the wrong order
- "Philip Charles Arthur George"
- could be sending a sign that she did not want to marry him
- Diana omitted a traditional royal vow

Camilla's first marriage to Andrew Parker Bowles
the couple on the wedding day!
What Happens in the Tunnel, Stays in the Tunnel...
- Black Mercedes crashed into the 13th pillar

- the CCTV cameras inside the tunnels were mysteriously "not working"

- The car had many white marks on it

- this suggests that there was a car already present in the tunnel that probably was associated with the crash (several say it was a White Fiat Uno)
- The Ritz Hotel released CCTV footage
to show that he is sober
- François Tendil, the night security manager, stated that he had seen no sign that Paul had been drinking that night
- 1st time blood tests were
taken: BAC three times over the French drink-drive limit;
- When the blood tests were conducted a second time, there was a higher level of carbon monoxide, indicating alterations to the blood samples

Family Tree
Queen Elizabeth II
Prince Philip
Prince Charles
Princess Diana
Dodi al-
it should've taken at most 30 minutes to reach the hospital
Prince William and Harry
- The Royal Family disapproved
-one key difference: Religion
-raising William and Henry (more on this later)

- Diana may have been pregnant

- Before their death Dodi invited
Diana to a romantic trip

- at the second trip Diana told
reporters she had exciting news

Charity Work
- not clear how she died
, we do know this was not an accident
- the royal family had..
- power and ability to kill Diana
- many motives to kill Diana
- Diana herself said,
Possibly Pregnant?
How did she die?
-royal family hired MI6
- motorcycle ahead flashed a laser into the eyes of the driver
- multiple witnesses saw a bright flash from the tunnel
- the other car involved in the crash mysteriously disappeared
- less devolped theory: driver was poisoned
- different diver
- high BAC level, but not drinking
She Knows Too Much...
- Diana about to release private information that could destroy royal image
- Charles liked men
- Charles was having sex with male and female servants
- Diana had already had an interview where she opened up a little
- revealed information about Camilla
- talked about pressure of royal family
- bulimia
- Diana said, "
...my mother in law is going to kill me for saying all this

see me as a threat
of some kind. . . . I think every strong woman in history has had to walk down a similar path, and I think it's the

strength that causes the confusion and the fear
- known for doing charity work without knowledge of royal family
- first royalty to casually touch AIDS patients
- big supporter of banning landmines and treating landmine victims
Who is Camilla?
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