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What to do in ...

No description

Arco EOI

on 21 June 2014

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Transcript of What to do in ...

Is Opera expensive?
What do you fancy?
Free Gigs, Live Music
The Royal Opera House
Hidden in tiny basements, converted warehouses, pubs and cavern-like chapels,
London's live
music places are found
in all shapes and sizes.
With a huge variety of events, these pubs and music halls show new names in the industry but also provide rare chances to enjoy intimate gigs from big stars.
For many people it is something mysterious and boring, but for £8-10 you can find out for yourself.
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Don't spend a penny!
London, the show is here!
Are you coming?
But there's much more.
We know London can sometimes seem expensive to live in, but save your money to pay the rent because not everything costs a pretty penny.
Here's our guide to a few things you can do for free, or almost, in the capital. Choose from walking and rollerskating, or yoga and meditation classes, or jam sessions and gigs, to cinema, theatre and opera.
So, it's not just museums and parks that are free in the big smoke - there are lots of fantastic free things to do in the swinging city whatever you're into.

What to do in ...
Theatre in Shakespeare's country
It's cheap!
Grab a Bargain
Things you can do for FREE!
The Royal National Theatre
Are you going to miss out?
Don't do it it's cheap and fun!!
Music lovers can watch and enjoy free gigs in the
Blues Bar, Brick Lane
, comedy fans can see professional stand-up in
, Karaoke addicts can get ready for X-factor at
Bunga bunga
, Opera buffs can sign up for free tickets in the
National Theatre
, hip hop, indie or dance nuts can shake the night away at
So leave your credit card at home, the only thing you need is free time.
Try Dancing.
It's quite easy to find on any street you walk down these days a space reserved for evening salsa classes and there are plenty of Latin nights in London clubs for you to show everyone what you know about dance. However, if you can't dance yet, simply watch the people next to you and start dancing in the moonlight!
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