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And Sarah Laughed

No description

kylie markham

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of And Sarah Laughed

And Sarah Laughed
by: Joanne Greenberg

The story "And Sarah Laughed" by Joanne Greenberg is about a deaf family. The husband and four children are deaf, but the mother, Sarah, is not. Sarah is frustrated when her oldest son gets married. His new wife uses sign language to talk to him. Sarah hes never seen this before, and becomes stressed when her whole family begins using it. she finally decides to use the new language for the sake of her family.
The Mood and Setting
Mood: The mood is anxious and frustrated because she has to learn a whole new thing with her family and it makes her stressed.

Setting: The setting is the modern days in the country beacuse theres fileds, crops, plantation areas for farmers. And it talks about a little town market.
Tone, Symbolism item, what the item represents
Tone: Difficult and frustrating because Sarahs husband and four kids are deaf. so her and her family have to learn sign language.

Symbolism item: Sign Language

represents: To bring the family closer together.
Theme and Characterization
The theme of the story "And Sarah Laughed" is it was better for them to learn how to use sign language for them to understand each other.
character: Sarah's daughter in law
She is dynamic, and she did not change but she did change the family by teaching them sign language.
Sources: Chin,Beverly Ann. Glencoe Literature the readers choice. Arkansas edition 2005 course 4. New york, New York: Mc Graw Hill Glencoe 2005. 134-147 print.
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