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INB's Treasury Management Services

No description

Gustavo Castro

on 1 August 2013

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Transcript of INB's Treasury Management Services

Inter National Bank's
Treasury Management Services

Treasury Management Online
General benefits for our customers:
Reduce time and costs related to manual processes,
Mitigate risks by having better control over their assets,
Facilitate decisions with faster access to information.
Using INB's payment alternatives, our customers will simplify domestic and international payments and eliminate the burden of manual processing.
Risk Management:
Positive Pay
Customers tell the bank which checks have been issued prior to being paid.
Simple: If the item doesn't match, we won't pay the check.
Allow companies to quickly and safely conduct business transactions with our advanced internet portal.
TMO is the core electronic banking platform for ACH Origination, Positive Pay, Lockbox and Remote Deposit Capture.
It's an integral solution that includes all products and services that INB offers its business customers to process their payables and receivables, and also to manage information and risks in their companies.
ACH Collections
Merchant Services
Remote Deposit Capture
Lockbox Service
ACH Payments
Wire Transfers
Remote Wires
Foreign Exchange
Streamline your business, reduce employee hours and cut operating expenses with innovative receivable tools.
ACH Payments allow companies to send pre-set payments information to INB for automated processing and funding.
Automate payments in advance,
Ensure timely delivery of funds,
Automate payroll processing.
At INB our customers may initiate domestic and international wires online, remotely or at any branch.
Through this service, our customers get access to initiate their company's payments without the need of calling or going to the bank.
Through INB our customers can send and receive international wire transfers in more than one hundred currencies.
This is the easiest way to process any type of receivable and convert them into working capital in a shorter time frame.
Using a small desktop scanner and a user friendly software, our customers can deposit checks at any time by sending images of their deposit items directly to INB.
Lockbox allows INB's customers to "outsource" the processing of mailed payments. Our customers need to ask their customers to mail their payments directly to INB, where we'll take care of the rest.
Through these services, business customers are enabled to accept debit and credit card payments, processing transactions quickly and safely through a remote terminal.
Security controls and features,
Payments done the same day,
Confirmations sent via email.
Enhanced platform security features,
Multi-user authentication,
Initiate wires with template capabilities.
Competitive rates,
Expedited delivery of funds,
Single contact to close and monitor transactions.
Streamline collections process through automation,
Shorten the payables cycle,
Reduce processing costs.
Quick access to working capital,
Minimize trips to the bank,
Reduce courier and transportation expenses.
Reduce potential for theft, fraud and human error,
Detailed reporting,
Reduce incoming mail and paperwork.
Process transactions using state-of-the-art technology,
Next day delivery for equipment replacements,
Access to local service and 24/7 desk.
Reduce potential check fraud,
Control which checks are paid and which are held,
Receive immediate notifications of exceptions.
Create efficiencies - Increase productivity,
Reduce risks with enhanced security features,
Maximize working capital.
(956) 664-8405
ACH Services
The Automated Clearing House (ACH) is a network of US financial institutions that electronically processes and delivers payments.
By being part of this network, INB allows companies (1) to collect payments from their payees' accounts and also (2) to send pre-set payments information for further processing.
Risk Management
Reduce check fraud by pre-approving your payments and protect your business with the leading method of check fraud deterrence
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