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No description

Elizabeth Black

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of Stranded

Escaping the Sahara
Following a medical mission to Africa, a successful doctor and a volunteer nurse find themselves left behind with no transportation back to the United States of America. Added to the problem, the two do not get along and all of their personal belongings are on their way back with the rest of the medical team. The doctor and nurse do not speak the language and risk being captured as hostages. They do not know if anyone is working to get them safely home. Through all the issues, the physician and nurse develop a romantic connection and learn to depend on each to scheme a way back to safety.

The rating of the movie will be PG-13 due to the violence and romantic scenes, but the movie will stop short of needing an R rating.

Story Line
Ellen Kathleen Pompeo is the star of Grey’s Anatomy, a long-running medical drama series on ABC. She has also been in other dramatic action movies such as Daredevil and Catch Me If You Can. Pompeo would be the lead actress and bring her sultry, smart personality to the drama.
Ellen Kathleen Pompeo
Beaded bracelets at a cost of $15 each that could be purchased at local retailers such as Kohl’s, Rue 21, and Charming Charlies.
The banana leaf paintings are wall hangings that are collages made out of banana leaves. In the movie these paintings will include clues to help the couple.They will cost $15 for a small picture and up to $30 for a larger picture
The men’s knitted kufi cap will be sold for $8 each. The caps will be like the ones worn by the locals and eventually the doctor in the movie. The caps will be sold at Rue 21, Buckle, and Aeropostle.
Related Merchandise
Ray Ban sunglasses would be worn by the lead actors during the movie as they attempt to find their way home. The sunglasses would match with the demographics of the target audience and fit in with the theme of the movie by creating a little mystery.

The lead actors would be shown as in style and good-looking in his Levi jeans. The jeans would fit with the ruggedness of the actors and would also match the demographics of the movie audience.

Product Placement
Pompeo plays the character of Beth Stillwell and is a nurse. She is very strong minded and can be hard to get along with. She is known as one of the best nurses in America and takes pride in that position. She and Dr. Ramsey do not get along well, but when put in danger they put differences aside.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be the leading actor. Levitt has starred in Inception, Looper, and The Dark Knight Rises. He is a handsome man who has successfully played action and dramatic roles in the past. He would make a good looking couple with Pompeo and they have good screen chemistry.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Gordon-Levitt plays the character Patrick Ramsey and is one of the top surgeons in the country. He has very sarcastic sense of humor and Pompeo can sometimes be too serious for him.
The lead supporting actor would be Jaden Smith, the son of successful actor Will Smith. He has been in movies including The Karate Kid, The Pursuit of Happiness, and After Earth. This would be an opportunity for him to present his tougher side that is often seen in his rap music.
Jaden Smith
Smith is going to play Cameron, who is Nyong'o's little brother. They are natives who are helping Pompeo and Gordon-Levitt get home.
Finally, Lupita Nyong’o would be the lead supporting actress. She was raised in Kenya and would be authenticity to the movie. She has appeared in 12 Years As a Slave and Non-Stop. Her age is compatible to play alongside Jaden Smith.
Lupita Nyong'o
Nyong'o plays the character Amaka who is an older sister and mom figure to Smith's character. They lost their parents to Ebola 7 years ago. They are natives and are trying to help Pompeo and Gordon-Levitt return safely.
Target Market
Men and Women ages 18-35
Young married couples
English speakers

Like action, drama, and romance
People who like Americans
Like blood and medicine

In selected countries
Release Date
May 15, 2015
Weekend Premiere
Start of summer
Movie will be showing in theaters all over America (AMC, B&B, IMAX)
- To help broadcast the movie, we will do internet marketing through paid advertising on sites with similar target markets which help broadcast the film. We will have 2-3 trailers, which are a huge part of advertising in the movie industry to capture views and make people want to come in a see the movie.

A promotional tour with giveaways to the public will occur in the weeks before the premiere and opening week. For example, Ellen Kathleen Pompeo would go on Mix 93.3 and promote the movie and talk a little about it. Also, the public could call in and ask questions to Ellen about the movie. The 9th caller would receive 2 free movie shirts and tickets to opening premiere theatre.

Sales Promotions
- Our sales promotion would include a coupon on the back of the ticket stub. It would be for $2.00 off the bracelets. This would encourage consumers to go out and purchase the bracelets and would also bring in the public to the stores. It would also create interest in the movie to increase ticket sales.
Promotional Plan
Two premieres will be held--one on each coast, such as Los Angeles and New York City. The stars will be at each premiere signing autographs and answering questions about the movie. The red carpet will be rolled out and a list of famous movie stars will be invited to attend to create interest. Famous producers, television stars, singers, and athletes that are well-known by the target audience will also be invited to attend the premieres to create interest. After the movie showing, there will be a reception and gift bags featuring the 3 products.

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