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Media Relations

No description

Cassie Thomas

on 2 October 2014

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Transcript of Media Relations

Spread the News
Media Relations Made Easy

Creating talking points
Create a news release template
Have a phone list of who should be contacted in the event of a news story or crisis
Keep your website up-to-date
Meet regularly with key members of your organization
Assign specific people to handle each aspect of your communications

Sharing your story
Reporters can’t cover stories they are not aware of
Include the following information
Date, location, and time
Visual elements
Key speakers
Cell phone number
Event contact
Post the information on your website, share to social media, and spread the word to other organizations

Expect the unexpected
Create a crisis plan
Notify your leadership
Identify and contain the crisis
Gather the facts
Communicate to staff but designate one spokesperson
Ensure safety of all involved
Station someone on phone duty
Develop key messages
Communicate early and often
Don’t ignore the situation
Be calm
Camera-ready tips
Rule of three
Use quotable language
Anticipate questions, craft potential answers
“Humanize” your story
You are never off the record
Be assertive
Don’t use jargon
Look at the interviewer, not the camera
Don’t wear sunglasses
Discard gum or candy
Stand still on both feet
Be brief

Not making the most of your screen time
Press Release 101
Grab attention with a good headline.
Get right to the point in the first paragraph.
Make it grammatically flawless.
Include quotes whenever possible.
Include your contact information.
Less is more
Provide access to more information.

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