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Self Introduction - speaking class

No description

Jeffrey Kang

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Self Introduction - speaking class

It means to ~~ I live in the ___ area. Where I live I work for company name as position My family It was given to me by ~ I like my name because it is~ I moved from ~ to ~ _years ago. It is easy / comfortable to ~ My study I went to/graduated from ___ university. My personality My name Today's Lesson
Self Introduction I am in Department
Planning Dept
Management Division
International Dept
General affairs Dept
Accounting Dept
Administration team
Facilities management
Technical support team Position
General manager
Marketing manager
Planning manager
Department manager
Deputy manager
Assistant manager
Team manager
Senior staff
Staff engineer I have been working at _ for _ years. I am happy to work at my company

largely due to ~ I am married / single / plan to
stay in single. an adorable two-year-old boy
a beautiful one-year-old princess I am the oldest / second oldest / youngest. I am an only child. My sister is nine years younger than me. I enjoyed my study.
I met kind and sincere
colleagues. They are unforgettable in my life.My professors
were excellent helpers to make me achieve my
learning objectives. I majored ~ to be a ___. If I could go back to
college..... My occupation outgoing optimistic socialize well
with people a laid-back attitude a good laugh sensible practical not tight-fisted well
organized Can you tell me
about you? Question Well... I am Me Thank you a lot
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