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GSK-3 pathway


Nachum Abraham

on 5 February 2010

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Transcript of GSK-3 pathway

GSK-3 Ck1-alpha Beta-catenin -
Wnt Pathway Extracellular Intracellular Hes - Notch Pathway Gli1 - Shh Pathway = c-Myc - FGF/PI3K Pathway KO + FGF inhibitor + PI3K inhibitor Figure 1: A schematic diagram illustrating the effects of knocking out GSK-3 in mice. An increase in progenitor proliferation, concurrent with a fewer in INPs, indicates a decrease in differentiation. Wnt, Notch, and Sonic Hedgehog, increase expression as they are not being degraded via GSK-3 phosphorylation. C-Myc protein expression stays constant without GSK-3 even in the presence FGF and PI3K inhibitors representing GSK-3’s requirement in mediating FGF/PI3K regulation of c-Myc. Figure 1: Progenitor Proliferation Differentiation
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