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Picture Description

Tips on how to describe picture for TEA test

Marlon Carranza

on 24 February 2016

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Transcript of Picture Description

In The Background
In The Foreground
In The Background
At the Top
At The Bottom
In the Top (Upper)
Right Corner
In The Top (Upper)
Left Corner
In The Bottom (Lower)
Left Corner
In The Bottom (Lower)
Right Corner
In Front Of The...
At The Front Of The...
Behind the..
At The back of The...
Next to The...
On the Right (Side) (Of The...)
Next to The...
On the Left (Side) (Of The...)
Above (The...)
Below (The...)
In the picture...

In this picture...
Describing Pictures
For TEA Test

I see

I can see

I notice

I can notice
This is a picture about...
An accident
A crash
A fire
An incident

Talk about the main object

This is a B747
This is a helicopter

Talk about the objects or people around it

Talk about the weather

The weather conditions are/were good
It is a cloudy night
It is a foggy night
There is bad weather

Talk about the situation


Talk about what happened

It happened during the landing

It could have happened during take off

It was after/before take off

It could have been due to the wind

maybe it was due to the thunderstorm

It seems as if...

Marlon Carranza
José María Córdova Airport
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