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How to Write Lesson Objectives

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Lorrie Lee Gamal

on 20 April 2018

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Transcript of How to Write Lesson Objectives

Mager(1998) cites the ff. characteristics of objectives.

What is an Objective?
- outcomes rather than instructional process.
-outcome statements.

It describes
student performance.

An objective is about ends
rather than means.

How to Write Lesson Objectives
Lorrie Lee N. Gamal
Performance Standards

-( or indicators) describes how well students need to achieve in order to meet content standards.


-what students should know and be able to do. These are the benchmarks which identify the expected understandings and skills for a content standards at different grade level.

An objective describes the conditions under which the performance occurs on the job; i.e, tools, equipment, environment and circumstances that will influence the performance.

An objective describes
the standard of

Standards and Competencies
in the K to 12 Curriculum


-are more specific versions of the standards.It also refer to the ability to perform to perform activities within an occupation or function to the standards expected by drawing from one’s knowledge, skills, and attitudes.
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