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Why I want to teach. Why I will make a good teacher.

TE100 why teach "prezi"tation

Michelle Frerichs

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Why I want to teach. Why I will make a good teacher.

Why Teach Michelle Frerichs My desire to teach comes from... Why I Want To Teach I will be a great teacher because... What Will Make Me A Good Teacher. Teachers create leaders. The want to be a leader Teachers change LIVES. The want to make an impact teachers the want to share knowledge Teachers inspire students to WANT to learn Teachers make a difference in AT LEAST one student each day. The want to help build a better tomorrow Teachers create and build on students' OPPORTUNITIES. The want to build a career I am passionate about children learning and being given new opportunities. I have PASSION In my classroom the students and I will ALWAYS strive for success. We will work until success is achieved. I will have HIGH expectations of my students Organization and order are hugely important to me. This will be important to have in my classroom as well. I am ORGANIZED I can work with what I have and if that doesn't work I can improvise. Making adjustments and adjusting to change is something I enjoy doing. I am FLEXIBLE I love working with others. I love learning from others. I love teaching others. I love when I know others have learned from me. I love the thought of making a difference. I love trying new things. I have love the the Spanish Language and culture. I love being enthusiastic and sharing my enthusiasm. I love being a leader. I love sparking others interest and sharing a common interest. I love being involved. I love to TEACH. I will LOVE what I do!
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