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Fast Food Nation:Chapter 2

No description

Carolyn Wilson

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Fast Food Nation:Chapter 2

Chapter 2: your trusted friends
walt and ray
better living
kid kustomers
perfect synergy
the brand essence
mcteachers and coke dudes
Kroc convinced the McDonald brothers to sell him the right to franchise
Ray Kroc and Walt Disney were acquaintances from Red Cross-Disney was Kroc's role model
Kroc addressed a letter to Disney to ask if McDonald's could have a place in the new park-deal never happened
Explosion in children's advertising in 1980s-"the decade of the child consumer"
"cradle-to-grave" advertising
children="surrogate salesmen"
Marketing strategies
juvenile nagging tactics
observe tastes
Character Lab-create mascots
Internet & television
Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
1978-try to ban all ads targeting children(less than 7 years)
1991-FTC staff report claim ban was impractical
Walt Disney and Ray Kroc both used similar marketing strategies.
Walt Disney created a new marketing strategy known as "synergy."
Ray Kroc believed that targeting towards children can bring more customers to McDonalds.
Both corporations eventually created their own fantasy lands, which made it appealing to the eyes of many children around the world.
felt that McDonald's was lagging behind other fast food companies
Solution: make customers think that McDonald's was their "Trusted Friend"
marketing alliances
to improve relationships
"honest" ads
Title Evaluation
your trusted friends
Kroc's and Disney's relationship
supported each other's company in advertising
“perfect synergy"
Trusted Friend=McDonald's
regain customers
Satirical title
Irony-seems like author is supporting but he is actually criticizing it
Marketing Towards Children
“Influencing elementary school students is very important to soft drink marketers because children are still establishing their tastes and habits.”
Story of Mile Cameron
suspension for wearing Pepsi shirt during Coke in Education Day
Fast food companies used to T.V. shows to advertise their products
Fox Kids Network and McDonald's formed partnerships
Chicken nuggets shaped like Teletubbies
Toys given with meals: Cabbage Patch Kids, Tamogotchis, etc.
Prior to reading this chapter
knowledgeable about cons of fast food advertising, but was still convinced by their ads
knew how popular certain fast food chains were but never understood how they became a popular trend
thought that fast food chains will try to give what is best for their customers.
more aware of the company's mindset (manipulative and greedy) which gives me more motivation to stay away from their food
fast food companies only care about the benefits they can receive therefore will go to any lengths to expand their company
can't expect the fast food chains to be supporting what you eat or your health
“It seems that wherever America’s fast food chains go, waistlines start expanding.”

~Eric Schlosser
Many fast food industries started to put toys with children's meals.
Industries and other companies started to form marketing alliances with toy companies.
Competition increased between fast food chains.
Corporations also formed relationships with children's entertainment, which became a popular marketing method.
In May 1996, the Walt Disney Company and the McDonald's Corporation signed a ten-year marketing contract.
Fast food chains incorporated their advertisements to public schools.
beneficial to both schools and the company
Beverages became a popular marketing trend for many schools.
top 3 beverages sold in schools were Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Cadbury- Schweppes (maker of Dr. Pepper)
Health became a major concern in public schools.
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