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Nazi Propaganda

No description

Charlotte Aumuller

on 23 July 2012

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Transcript of Nazi Propaganda

Nazi Propaganda Nazi Propaganda posters were used to influence the German public. They were designed to create anger towards the government and hatred towards the Jewish people. This poster was designed to degrade the Treaty of Versailles. The Treaty put and end to the war that Germany had started, but many people resented it bacause they had to pay large amounts of money to other countries, which put much of the country into poverty. The poster shows a man in hand cuffs, which shows that he is being restrained by the Treaty of Versailles. There is the Nazi symbol in the top right hand corner. The Nazi's viewed this poster as one of their best propaganda posters. The caption says "National Socialism: The organised will of the nation" IT shows men who look like tough, brave people who have fought for their country and what they belive in. Mass Rallies were used to raise support for the Nazi party. Many people would come together and march the streets to show their support. This would make the Nazi Party seem more appealing to some people. Military uniforms, symbols and banners were used to make the Nazi party seem more "together" and like a group. This makes them seem organised and official. That picture shows some of the different types of uniforms for and SS (Stormtrooper) officer, an SS Adjutant and a Security Service Chief officer. This picture is of the Nazi symbol. Hitler designed it and it was used on all propaganda, uniforms and banners. It represented the Nazi Party. Film was used to control the way that people think so that the Nazi's could use them more easily. Triumph des Willens was considered one of the best Nazi Propaganda films “Hitlerjunge Quex” was made in 1933. This film told the story of a boy brought up in a communist family in Germany who broke away from this background, joined the Hitler Youth and was murdered by the Communists in Germany for doing so In 1936 Berlin held the Olympic Games. Hitler put his extreme racist ideas aside for the duration so as to impress the foriegn dignitries.
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