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Egyptian Nonverbal Communication

No description

Daniel Ryder

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Egyptian Nonverbal Communication

Egyptian Nonverbal Communication
When excited, they will use rather very big defined hand movements only to show the importance of the topic on hand

The right hand is used for talking and other uses but the left hand is for personal hygiene

Showing anger and hate in public is a sign of disgrace but joy is always welcomed in big movements, very defining movements

Movement and Posture
Facial Expressions
It is only appropriate to smile and limited contact within mixed-gender social areas
Vocal Noises
In the case of death of a loved one, they would cry and scream to express their sorrow. In a funeral, women could cry and scream, even if they do not know the deceased, to show his family that they feel their loss.

In weddings, engagements, birth and other similar events, public emotions of happiness are very welcomed.
The difference between us and them
Shaking hands: America

A very loose hand shake with kisses on the cheek for both male and female but if the woman doesn't allow the kiss, right hand on forehead: Egypt
Being invited to a house usually one doesn't bring anything. : America

It is customary to bring a gift for the Host and his family: Egypt
Eat until nothing is on our plate :America

Leaving a bit of food on plate will keep from hosts from refilling the plate: Egypt
Social class is very apparent in Egypt since it determines your access to power and position

The social class an Egyptian is born into dictates their everyday life and the opportunities they will have

Status is defined more by family background than by absolute wealth
Appearances is everything, it's how one is judged on character and class

Eye contact is very important to keep up because if you don't it is considered disrespectful, makers one a liar for they cannot keep the contact
It depends on what class one is in on how they uphold one self out in public

But for the most part they are very emotional people

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