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Increase Prevelance Of Breast Cancer

No description

Ala Shamasneh

on 4 May 2014

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Transcript of Increase Prevelance Of Breast Cancer

Increase Prevalence
Of Breast Cancer

Dietary problems
Late diagnosis
physical factors
social effects

wrong personal behaviors

Reproductive problems
Genetic problems
Environmental problems
Socioeconomic circumstances
emotional factor
Among the death- leading cancer types in Palestine (both West Bank and Gaza Strip), breast cancer occupies the third place, and it was deemed the first leading cause of death among females (21.1%).
We choose Breast Cancer as a subject because of its prevalence. Each year , more than one million case is newly diagnosed , Also it is a fatal disease , in 2008 , it caused 458,503 deaths worldwide . Many studies showed that early diagnosis of breast cancer is a critical factor in increasing survival rate of patients
objective tree
the overall goal : healthy women
Project purpose : Decrease the prevalence breast cancer
Results outputs : fitness ,good environment factors ,healthy diet ,good screening programs ,early diagnosis, breast feeding,good health care

Activities: Educational programs ,and Provide medical clinics with the necessary equipment for a breast cancer screening
improve personal behavior
Reduce reproductive problems

Reduce genetic problems

Reduce dietary problems

Decrease environmental effects

Early diagnosis

reduce socioeconomic problems




using contraceptive
using deodorant
drinking alcohol
less activity
family history of cancer and mutations
unhealthy food
radiation therapy
health awareness problems
and screening problems
low income and high costs of screening and therapy
family relationship disturbance
hair loss
gain weight
don't smoke
be active
don't drink alcohol
don't use contraceptive
reduce endogamy
healthy food and fitness
reduce radiation pollution
improve economy
increase general public awareness and Elimination
of screening problems

relieved,courage,happiness, joyful,and reassuring
Intimate family

Increasing life expectancy
,decrease hair loss,Attractive
body shape and good
liver function

Worldwide, breast cancer is the second most common type of cancer after lung cancer, and the fifth most common cause of cancer death.The incidence of breast cancer increases with age ,doubling every 10 years until the menopause ,when the rate of increase slows dramatically.
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