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Copy of Copy of Placements

No description

doTERRA CallCenter

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Placements

By David & Traven
Useful Placements Info
The Scary Corner
Cross Recruiting
Duplicate Accounts
Account Transfer
Update Log
Voluntary Termination
Sponsor Change
Enroller Change
Changing placements
The sponsor of an IPC may be changed within the first 14 days of enrollment.

The request must come from the current enroller, and they may only change within the enroller's organization.
The enroller may be changed once in the lifetime of the account.
The enroller must be located in the current sponsor's upline.
The member may go inactive (not order) for 6 months and request their own sponsor change.
They may request an exception request form from Placements that they may fill out and have submitted to the placements committee.
When a member submits the voluntary termination form their account is suspended for at least 6 months. (12 months for Silvers and above)

They are not automatically removed from the graphic tree until a year from their last activity.

The suspension time is unavoidable and they will lose their downline once this form is received and processed.
In the update log, there are 5 columns.
The "Date" column is simply the date when an action took place.
The "user" column shows the initials of the person who performed the action.
The "field column" describes what was changed.
The "old value" is what it was.
The "new value" is what it is now.
If you are questioning a specific action, highlight that line and look at what it says in the comment box. You may see things like "rolled up due to termination," "swapped," "moved," "termination," etc... This should enlighten you and help you see what happened to the member or their downline.
There is only one upgrade option. Create a new account and charge the $25 fee.

We do not "downgrade" accounts. If an IPC would like a PM account, they must make a brand new PM account and pay the $10 fee.
Account Transfers: Need Account Transfer form signed by both parties and IPCA filled out by the transferee.
Transferee must be someone not previously affiliated with doTERRA.

The person transferring out will be suspended and can re-enroll after 6 months
Two existing accounts may not perform an account transfer. The new member will receive downline, rank and future commissions.
They will not receive points, percentage or AR. (Unless it is a Husband/wife transfer or Business transfer)
Any attempt made in order to solicit or jump to another organization. The organization is determined by the enroller.

Everyone in that enroller's downline is considered a part of their organization.
Duplicate accounts are prohibited by doTERRA. This also includes husband and wife accounts.

When a duplicate account is discovered, the new account is suspended and there are no exceptions made in order to have the newer account opened.

IPCs may have a PM account as well. This is allowed because there is no duplicate interest. (PMs do not receive commissions)
Members are not suspended after 6 months of inactivity.

There are 3 reasons an account would be suspended.
Account Misuse
Voluntary Termination
Account Transfer.
When to call placements
Look it up on the WIKI first
Ask someone around you
Ask your SA or TL
Discuss it with the Subject Matter Expert.
THEN, if no one has an answer for you, call placements.
This is how you and the IPC will feel if you do not give out the correct information
Dave's Organization
E: Dave
S: Dave
E: Dave
S: Jake
E: Jake
S: Jake
E: Jake
S: Jake
E: Dave
S: Dave
E: Shanese
S: Shanese
E: Shanese
S: Shanese
E: Dave
S: Shanese
E: Dave
S: Dave
E: Sarah
S: Sarah
E: Sarah
S: Sarah
E: Sarah
S: Sarah
If a member is reactivating in the same spot, a manager can reactivate them.
If it is a different spot, the request must go to placements@doterra.com
Orphan requests must go to orphans@doterra.com
14 days to change online to change the sponsor

Has life time of the account to change enroller.
Quick Review for placements issues
Check the update log to understand the account for termination or suspension
We CAN answer most placements questions to help spread the knowledge to our IPCs.
Every IPC in the person's upline view may be the enroller.
All enroller change requests must be emailed to placements.
Member must pay $35 enrollment fee
First order can be an LRP order if it is not a Fast Track Kit.
Old account must have at least 3 People in their downline.
Sponsor Changes Online
Don't forget to refer people to placementshelp@doterra.com
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