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Sociable nursing - #futureMHN session with second year mental health nursing students

No description

Victoria Betton

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Sociable nursing - #futureMHN session with second year mental health nursing students

Sociable nursing Where do
draw the
line? professional
development clinical practice is it okay to friend a patient? should you use social
media in work time? what if someone asks you
for clinical advice on Twitter? should I say I'm a nurse
in my biography? is it ok to talk about
work issues
online? is it ok post a pictureof
a patient? should in-patients
be allowed to use
social media? what do I do if
someone I follow says they
are suicidal
online? Nursing and Midwifery
guidance Share confidential information online.
• Post inappropriate comments about colleagues or patients.
• Use social networking sites to bully or intimidate colleagues.
• Pursue personal relationships with patients or service users.
• Distribute sexually explicit material.
• Use social networking sites in any way which is unlawful. Don't: Thank you :-) blogger mother manager runner artistic creative twitter addict goes to bed
early... social worker personal identity
professional networking
clinical practice
Boundaries more haste less speed vegetarian bossy @VictoriaBetton
@VanessaLGarrity We want to find out about you and social media mother mental health nurse vegetarian spiritual impatient perfectionist leader book-worm multi-tasker twitter-addict music lover
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