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Strut Your True Colors YLA Apollo CSP

No description

Kate Vang

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of Strut Your True Colors YLA Apollo CSP

Strut Your

To shed light on causes that many ignore or feel are unimportant.

A coalition of youth leaders who pair with struggling non-profits and charities in order to help these organizations continue inspiring others and raise awareness about their causes.

Coordinate events that raise money and items for the selected cause
Each individual event be uniquely tailored to the causes selected
The Illumination Project
The execution
Youth Board & Associates
Future Projects
STrut your true

This project was done in a few intensive steps:

Planning the show
Acquiring sponsors & the venue
Collecting materials
Creating the show items
Putting it into action
The aftermath
Elaine Chen & Kevin Do
Co-Project Heads:
Dwayne Mosbey & Allen Ortega
Juliet Nguyen
Technology Officer:
Allyson Chae
Venue & Design Coordinators:
Mai Le & Kate Vang
Sponsor Correspondents:
Anissa Fraijo, Florence Lau, Ellen Amare,
& Dheyme Cordona
Visual Directors:
Nathalie Paolim & Alyson Kishi
This event was only the beginning.

Gather Clothes To Donate
For this event we gathered over 200lbs of clothes, more than 75% of which was gathered beforehand from school drives and YLA.

Raise Money To Donate Directly To YETA And The Center OC
This event raised over $500!
100% of the profits went to YETA and the Center OC

Raising Awareness
Be who you are, people are going to talk about you everyday of your life. Instead of letting it affect you, be proud, embrace yourself, and strut your essence.
Jan. 4th, 2013 at The East Anaheim Gymnasium from 6P.M. to 8P.M.
Volunteers and models arrived at 4:30P.M. to begin setting up
Giveaways and SWAG bags thanks to our sponsors from BJs and Sprinkles
Performances and music from Carnival Season, Allen Ortega's dance mix, and YBD Samantha Ramirez
YLA Apollo 2013-2014
IT All Began
With An IDea
The Illumination Project presents:
The First Event
Thank You For listening!
The Impact
Why the
Numbers Matter?

Organizations won't need to do clothing drives for the next few years.
Used to assist for business professional appearances for job interviews and represent themselves well
Helped YETA continue to afford the
cost of running their organization
and items for future progress.
Early March, 2014
Haiyan Victim Benefit Concert
Assisting Timothy Lim
Late March, 2014
Recyclable Materials Art Gallery
Paired With Beachside Recycling Center & FIDM
Within The Next 6 Months
Dinner Of The Senses
Athletic Race
Paired with Active Athletics
The Group
Homeless and LGBT Youth
Youth Empowered To Act (YETA)
Based In:
The Center OC
The event had three purposes:
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