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Site Design

Introduction to site design based on Emarketing Excellence by Dave Chafffey & PR Smith - copyrights reserved.

Tania Jackson

on 23 May 2016

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Transcript of Site Design

Site Design
"A website attempts to deliver just three types of Outcomes: Increase revenue. Reduce cost. Improve customer satisfaction/loyalty. That's it. Three simple things". Kaushik 2009
Overall learning outcome
Know what makes as excellent online experience on different platforms
Be able to review site effectiveness when designing an enhancement
Understand the rules to follow and the mistakes to avoid
Be able to converse with any web master, marketer or chief executive about improving your web site
Be able to explore options for added value through dynamic facilities.
Website goals

-Help customers to buy something they need
-Help customers find information
-Help customers to save money and time
-Help customers to talk to the organization
-Help customers to enjoy a better web experience.

The perfect landing pages:

Essential building elements:

- Questionnaire = Brief
- Sitemap
- Wireframe
- Functions + Integrations
- Content
- Visual design + Typeface
- Legal requirements (IP +W3)
- Testing - Usability evalution
- Digital Marketing planning

Case study:
UX tools:
-Google Analytics
Website trends >
Responsive design:
What can go wrong without a planned approach to website design?

Browsers (MAC and PC)
Screen resolution
Mobile version
Errors's page (404 or 301)
Launch list
The online customer experience pyramid -success factors by Chernatony, L
Benchmark the quality of brand experience for different types of website:

Emotional connection

Q1: I feel related to the type of people who are [X]'s customers.
Q2: I feel as though [X]'s actually cares about me.
Q3: I feel as though [X]'s really understand me.

Online experience

Q4: [X]'s website provides easy-to-follow search paths.
Q5: I never feel lost when navigating through [X]'s website.
Q6: I was able to obtain the information I wanted without any delay.

Responsive service nature

Q7:[X] is willing and ready to respond to customer needs
Q8: [X]'s website gives visitors the opportunity to 'talk back' to [X].


Q9: I trust [x] to keep my personal information safe
Q10: I feel safe in my transactions with [x]
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