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Ryan Powerpoint

on 2 February 2016

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Transcript of Holes

By Louis Sachar

Holes Is about a young boy, Stanley Yelnats. Now Staney has been unjustly sent to a detention center called Camp Green Lake. they build character by digging holes every day. Soon Stanley realizes that he is not only digging for character he is digging to find something.

Throughout the book there are 2 protagonists since there are many flashbacks, in the present day Stanley is the protagonists
And in the flashbacks it is Elya Yelnats.
There are many characters in this book.
Some include:
Stanley Yelnats
The Warden
Mr. Sir
Dr. Pendenski

There are also 2 antagonists, however they are both in the present day, they are The Warden and Mr. Sir.
The setting in this book is Camp Green Lake, which ironically is a flat desert with no water within hundreds of miles. Camp Green Lake is located in Texas.
First Major Event

While digging holes Stanley comes across a golden tube, Nobody seems to know what it is. Earlier Stanley was told by X-Ray that any thing Stanley finds must be given to X-Ray because anyone who finds something interesting must report it to the Warden, if she likes it you get the rest of the day off. After the warden is given this golden tube she got over exited and ordered everyone to dig where the tube was said to be found. in the end the tube was a bullet
Second Major event
Another long day of digging holes and everyone is tired. Dr. Pendenski and Zero get in an Argument, Zero is fed up of Dr. Pendenski insulting him and saying he is completely useless and stupid so Zero hits him in the face with a shovel and runs away everyone is shocked and quiet for a while.
The next day Stanley steals Mr. sirs water truck and drives the way Zero went, not looking where he is going Stanley drives into a hole he gets out of the truck and runs.
Third major event
Stanley is now with zero and away from Camp Green lake they decide to head back at night and dig one last hole, Stanley thinks he knows what the Warden is looking for. Once they are there they grab some shovels being careful not to get caught. they dig and not to long after they started they found it, being a bit too loud now
they attract the attention of the Warden and Mr. Sir. There is a fight over the object until Zero points out that Stanley Yelnats is printed on the side of it.
Stanley is now brought home from camp green lake and Zero comes with since Zero has no family anyway.
Types of conflict
There are two types o conflict in this book they are:
Man vs Man because Stanley is in conflict with the Warden and Mr. Sir
Man vs Nature because Stanley faces the harsh challenges of dry climate and extreme heat.
About the Author
Born in East Meadow, New York to Robert and Ruth Sachar.
Best known for his series "Sideways Stories From Wayside School, and for his famous novel "Holes."
Attended Antioch College for a semester and then studied at the University Of California , Berkeley.
He graduated in 1789 with a degree in economics.
1998-publishes "Holes"and in 1999 he won a Newberry Medal

Quote from Louis Sachar: "My personal experiences are kind of boring. I have to make up what I put in my books."
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