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Overuse of Electricity

For CMIT Biology science. Worked with Sam.

Yared Kokeb

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of Overuse of Electricity

What is it?
Overuse of electricity is very bad to our natural ecosystems. Electricity is another form of energy, and we use energy all the time. Burning coal, keeping lights on when they are not needed, and using Fossil Fuels are just some of the many ways we use electricity. Even though using electricity is OK at some points, using too much is wasting our resources and tempting us to use the more damaging resources.
How does it affect us?
Overusing energy can reduce the number of resources we have and tempt us to eliminate the natural resources. For example, lots of us use lights in our houses every day. If we leave the light on, then we would be wasting energy. It affects us because if we waste energy, we'll have to pay for it out of our own pockets. It affects others (like animals) because we are taking away the energy they depend on (like water) and change it (like dams), which effects how they move and live.
BIGGER Problems
You may be thinking that paying for electricity is no big deal. But wasting our energy can cause even BIGGER problems! For example, if we burn lots of coal for electricity, we will have an overload of acid rain. Even though Acid Rain doesn't effect us directly, it harms the things we need to survive, like soil and water. Burning coal also increases the Carbon Footprint, which is the amount of Greenhouse Gases we produce. Don't hurt the air or it'll hurt you!
Things we can do to help!
Overuse of

Primitive Day!
To help reduce the amount of electricity wasted, we can have a day where everybody goes primitive, like electricity was never even invented. It could be like the caveman days, and it would teach us that we can do almost anything without wasting energy.
We can do lots of things to help
reduce the amount of energy we
use. For example, we can always turn
off our lights when not in use. We can
also turn off running water and take
shorter showers. If we can cut back on the
overuse of energy, then we can save more
Pictures of Energy
How can we achieve this?
In order to make Primitive Day a reality, I would make a petition that would make Primitive Day a holiday (or at least something people celebrate) and give it to the Government with enough signatures.

Programs that would do things similar to Primitive Day are those advertisements that always talk about hybrid cars and saving energy. Another is The Solar and LED access program (SLEDAP), which encourages people to use solar panels, which decreases electricity use.
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