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Papua New Guinea

No description

Alex Horgan

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea Arts They painted symbols on canoes, drums, and themselves. Dress/Clothing Men-shorts/pants but shirts are optional when doing labor.
Women-skirts in almost all areas. Shorts/pants are sometimes acceptable. Government Parliamentary democracy and a commonwealth realm Jobs Most are farmers who grow and make their own natural resources. by Alex, Bailey, and Josie Movement/migration They usually travel by sea or air. Population -6.3 million
-growing 2% annually
-87% live in rural areas Status Most people do agriculture Vacation and Recreation Most of their holidays are in regard to Queen Elizabeth 2nd Most people don't have telephones and use two-way and commercial radios Communication Family Families generally live with extended family, aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandpas Knowledge They tell stories to tell about their past to transfer
information Most people don't have telephones, they have commercial and two way radios Language There are about 836 different
languages and three of them are
official Organization Religion Almost everybody in Papua New Guinea is Christian, but
some believe in Puri Puri (black magic). X Marks the Spot Due to the rugged terain, tribes were isolated from eachother and made different cultures. Yum In the highlands, sweet potato is a staple. They also use a mumu to cook their food Buildings Urban housing in Papua New Guinea have more amenities than rural housing in Papua New Guinea. Economy Most people in Papua New Guinea make livings by farming History Papua New Guinea was split in two, German(North), and British(South). Icons Their Prime Minister, Peter O'Neill. National Pride Lots of Guineans feel a sense of belonging to a certain tribe. Quality of Life 60% of it's population lacks access to sanitary water Taboos One taboo in Papua New Guinua is the thumbs up sign, some people find it offensive. Ways of Everyday Life Some families raise pigs for feasts. Ztuff Most Papua New Guineans sit on the floor/ground while eating. One organization is called Habitat for Humanity
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