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Carré Hermès / Brand Management

Presentation on the Hermès scarf for a course on luxury brand management

Arthur O'Twenty

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Carré Hermès / Brand Management

Introduction Current Situation Test The Hermès Company
18.3% growth Silk scarves
up 23% In 2011 Economic slowdown in the US and China

People traveling increasingly Trends Essential asset for the Brand's DNA
High influence of duty free purchases
Leader on the silk scarves market segment
Not appealing to younger customers Most luxury brands have a silk scarf offer
Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Versace, Fendi, Céline, Pucci, Valentino, Chanel Increase product sales, share within the turnover
Cater to younger customers' need for modernity
Increase presence in travel retail and in the BRICs Collaboration with contemporary artists Customization for a higher price (online offer) Diagnosis Objectives Competitors Recommendations Introduction 1937 Second biggest luxury brand worldwide Still a family-owned business Current Situation The Hermès company in 2011 €2.841bn turnover
18.3% growth 13% of turnover Silk scarves: up by 23% Diagnosis Trends Growing importance of digital and online
New Millenial Generation as the future luxury clientele
Luxury market moving East and South
Connection between Art and Fashion Most iconic product for Hermès along with the Kelly ad Birkin bags

High influence of duty free purchases

Leader on the silk scarf market segment

Seems more appealing to an older segment of customers Competitors The silk scarf is a common product for luxury brands Objectives Increase product sales and share within the turnover Strategy Digital promotion effort Build a loyal online community Collaboration with contemporary artists Recommendations Strategy Organize yearly scarf design competition Arthur Chauvin
Caroline Forstmann Sales forecast raised for 2012 Cater to younger customers' need for modernity and secure their loyalty as future clientele Increase presence in travel retail areas and in the BRICS RE-POSITIONING Revamp product image SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Iconic product
Good performance Old-fashioned image Digital product promotion
Online brand interaction
New ways of retailing Volatile young customer base
Slowdown in luxury sector Promotion strategy Web marketing and e-commerce Adapt to new means of communication Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Youtube Jaimemoncarre.com Parismonami.com Product strategy Daniel Buren Hiroshi Sugimoto New ways of retailing Pop-up store Place strategy Promotion recommendations Product recommendations
Offer a limited-time customization programme at very high prices The Hermès silk scarf Characteristics: Sublime silk, fine craftsmanship, status symbol Ensuring long-term profitability Thank you for your attention! E-commerce boutique WEARABLE ART Kongo 20% Dedicated website, smartphone & facebook apps where which people can vote for their favourite designs submitted by young artists. Expand social media strategy to other platforms Winning design would be produced in limited edition
Sold in pop-up and concept stores worldwide ONLINE Smartphone App China: Yue Minjun
India: M.F. Husain
Brazil: Beatriz Mizhales Place recommendations Asia: ancient silk culture Islamic countries Middle-East, Indonesia and Malaysia Customizable Collaborations with contemporary artists from BRIC countries: However, few are really specialised in silk scarves
Dior, Pucci and Louis Vuitton seem to be the most direct competitors
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